Miss CA: This Should Not Happen In America!

Unfortunately, we are living in Obama's America Miss CA. He and marxists, liberal democRATs, leftists, fringe freaks, media propagandists could not care less about your freedom of speech. They only want the politically correct speech, speech that is approved by them. They couldn't care less about your grandfather. They have no respect for this country, her history and people who made this country great. They only care about their own power.

Folks, Miss CA sets a great example for the rest of us. DO NOT be intimidated by the cultural marxists. Speak out! It is not controversial to say that "marriage is between a man and a woman". These fringe freaks who cry about gay civil rights are not interested in anyone's rights. They are interested in destroying our culture. This is what is about. just think for a minute folks... These freakazoids, leftists and marxists who claim to fight for gays' right to marry are the same people who advocate against marriage and advise young people not to marry but live together. It is not about anyone's rights, it is about destroying the Western Culture as we know it. We will never be able to satisfy their demands by giving in because they will not stop until they destroy the foundations of our society. It is not about gay marriage folks. Look at the laws they are trying to pass, laws like this abomination that is called hate-crime bill...

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