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You were warned about Obama HOAX & CON

Below was posted on October 12, 2012 We can not afford four more years of HOAX & CON. Did you vote fore HOPE & CHANGE last time around? Do you now realize that HOPE & CHANGE was actually HOAX & CON? Do you feel let down

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Media’s Koran Burning Orgasm

First of all a courtesy notice to coward liberals: No, using the word “orgasm” and ‘koran” in the same sentence is not provocative and it will not incite muslim violence. Islam is a religion that wants to control the minutiae of a muslim’s life. I am sure

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Why do liberal democRATs always blame us?

Are you left scratching your head trying to understand liberal democRATs and their positions on illegal immigration, terrorism even common criminals? Are you one of these people who think modern liberal democRATs’ positions are either idiotic, stupid, ignorant or misinformed and cowardly? Or are you one of

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Global Warming Hoax Exposed

We knew it all along… Global warming was a scam. It was and is a scam to control our lives while robbing us with punitive taxes and lowering our standard of living. It has nothing to do with saving the planet but it has everything to do

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How minorities fooled by liberal democRATs

The Vilification of Rush By Kenneth L. Hutcherson should be required reading. Liberals would prefer no opposition. Behind the force field of political correctness, there should never be any disagreement once the liberal mind has decided that something is good for society. There can be no opposition

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