Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • Thanksgiving to Dear Leader. RT @_MsHeather: Once Again Obama Ignores Our Judeo Christian God! Obama Toast Yesterday: #
  • Journalism long corrupted by liberal democRATs now covers up for science corrupted by liberal democRATs. #
  • Liberal democRATs corrupt everything they touch in their pursuit for power over our lives. Latest example: Climate Science. #
  • Troops in Afghanistan waiting while the Bogus POTUS looks for his next photo op. #
  • Obama becomes a tightwad when it comes to defending America. What is the cost of next major terrorist attack? #
  • When it comes to war to defend America "Losing is not everything, it is the only thing!" Obama. Even allies gotten it. #
  • Obama, while leaving our troops in Afghanistan hanging, is having a party with the hollywood crowd. #fail #
  • Obama couldn't make his mind up about Afghanistan since AUG 31st. Now, supposedly he decided but he won't tell us for another week. #fail #
  • In Obamaland, this terrorist may get a trial in NYC & may be set free and Navy SEALS who captured him may go to jail. #
  • What's next from Obama's military? Medal for major Jihadi & jail for Navy Seals? Have we lost our minds? #
  • Everything the Democrats are behind today is a fraud and a lie aimed at separating you from your freedom, your property, and your money RUSH #
  • Jihadists have suicide bombers, Liberal democRats have political suicide bombers. The ideology comes first, people are expendable. #
  • Best Buy celebrates wishes us happy "Festival of Sacrifice" -- Muslims holiday of ritually slaughtering animals. #fail #
  • After Reading these emails This should be called Outright Evil! #
  • The phony media is mum about the global warming hoax. They will continue spreading the propaganda. #
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