Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-21

  • Check out the website democRAT Grayson wants censored: He demands that the blogger be fined and jailed. Obamaland. #
  • Good Riddance! Phony journalist Charlie Gibson signs off for last time. 27 plus years of propaganda disguised as news reporting. #
  • Obama's $1.4 million Nobel Prize is the property of the United States. #
  • If the Scarry Harry, Queen Pelosi & Affirmative Action Bogus POTUS pass HCR, plan on going retro medicine. #
  • If Government will be so good at delivering quality health care for all efficiently, why not let Government run everything? Let's go all in. #
  • Where is the Birth Certificate? Republicans should leave the house and senate until BHO proves that he is a natural born citizen. #
  • The USA is being put in mortal danger in the hands of the affirmative action president BHO. At least the white libs won't feel guilty gulity #
  • Do you remember the news stories of people getting killed in the hands of unqualified doctors who were the products of affirmative action? #
  • Obama grades himself B+ I called him affirmative action presidential candidate back in 2007. F=B+ #
  • Must Read. Karl Rove: The President Is No B+ Lying narcissist is probably crediting himself for being humble. #
  • Less Health Care for More Money by Ann Coulter Brilliant design by liberal retards in democRAT party. Not about HCR #
  • Presenting the Times Watch Quotes of Note 2009 Worst Quotes of the Year Absolute Phony Media NYT belongs in sewer. #
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