Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • Happy "All Obama Supporters Day." #
  • Why did young American voted for Dinosaur Dems who are mandating all kinds of things? Fooled by Hopey Changey Crap or something else? #
  • Put democracy on hold to fight Global Warming. Put deniers in jail, silence them. Praise Al Gore or go to jail. #
  • Elites recommend democracy must be put on hold to fight global warming. Climate Change Forever! #
  • Leftists hate FREE people and the liberties they enjoy. Humans are so stupid we need tyranny by elites to control them. #
  • Here is another proof what I've been saying all along: Leftists hate humans. They corrupted science. #
  • WOW! Obama & the RATs solved the problem of 37+million uninsured by ordering them to buy health insurance or else. Brilliant! #
  • HCR, just like Social Security is a scam to tax more of us more so the liberal democRATs can keep buying votes and keep us under control. #
  • Hey Obama, Tea Partiers are people who believe in the Founding Principles and the Constitution of the U.S. Your oath? #
  • Obama believes the Tea Party people think he is a socialist. Me thinks Obama believes the American people are stupid. #
  • Obama believes the Tea Party people are birthers. Prove them wrong Obama. Show us the Birth Certificate. Why hide it? #
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