Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • The United States military is the defender of freedom and a force for good in the world. #
  • Sarkozy Warns Obama Might Be Insane No Mr. Sarkozky, Obama is a perfectly sane Kenyan-Indonesian Muslim-Marxist. #
  • Good Riddance! Liberals corrupt everything. The Living Constitution means liberals' whims dictate the rules we live by. #
  • Who is the "Gigantic Fool"? Hint: He wants to be in charge of all American Financial Institutions. #
  • Radical leftist Ayers demand that it is his First Amendment right to give a speech in a university... I am speechless! #
  • Help @Heritage stop big govt with the Tax Day Money Bomb on Thurs 4/15! #heritage415 #tcot #
  • WooHoo! Our Bogus POTUS is wildly successful. Americans are getting poorer. America's chickens are coming to roost. Poverty Rocks! #
  • More proof that Obama Tyranny's one main objective is to bring US down to the level of third-world countries. #
  • Support Allen West #
  • Why is Fannie Mae buying foreclosed properties? No other bidders No Incentive for loan mods Banks get the money from Fannie Mae = Tax payers #
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