Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • Jan Brewer fights back Why would the POTUS stand with Mexico against on of our states? #
  • Blair was the first official to call the shooting at Fort Hood terrorism, yet forced out because of his inability to connect the dots. #
  • Enemies of Arizona Fooled by Hope'n Change Crap? Barack is crapping on your country now... #
  • Blumenthal and the Liars' Party #
  • Obama's greatest accomplishment so far is to divide us and unite our enemies. Now comes the next phase: Unite with our enemies against us. #
  • You see I was totally correct in calling liberal democRAts RATs! #
  • Welcome to Obamaland It ain't America no more... #
  • Screw liberals and their gotcha politics on race and civil rights! They are selling our country out. Time to stop them! #
  • Washington career politicians and their squealers r trying hard to trash Americans who are taking their country back! #
  • Mexico's Immigration Law: Let's Try It Here at Home Maybe we can get Holder & Napolitano to read this law. Habla? #
  • Stop The Mosque! #
  • Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2009 #
  • Reid is out of his mind: #
  • BOGUS POTUS's auntie is an illegal alien who is on welfare and supposedly faces persecution in Kenya? #
  • If you disagree with al gore and not submit to his global warming dogma, you are a denier or mentally challenged. Time to lock you up! #
  • Soviet communists regularly committed political opponents to mental institutions. If you disagree with commies you must be insane... #
  • OIL Money is not only paying for the nuts that want to blow us, but it also pays to buy politicians & academia to push islamist agenda #
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