Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • "For the first time in my adult lifetime" I am embarrassed of the President of My Country. #
  • Car shopping this weekend? Don't look for Chevy in your local Chevrolet dealer. #
  • Freep: Dealers mystified by Chevy move This is how Government motors work... It ain't Chevy no more! #fail #
  • Pence: "Mr. President, Whose Side Are You On?" If The POTUS is not on our side, It is time to Impeach! #
  • Wait for it... Obama & holder will target US Border Patrol agents next... Whose side are they on? #
  • Most Liberal democRATs are career politicians who want to run our lives despite their lack of experience & competence in running anything. #
  • Chaos and anarchy. That's what liberal democRAT policies bring about. #
  • Once a government pet, BP now a capitalist tool Crony Capitalism. Big business & democrats corrupting economy #
  • The Alien in the White House #
  • On cue from Spike Lee & Maher, Barack decides to Go Off and starts talking about kicking ass. Next he'll be talking about shooting people. #
  • The Super 0 is on the job with his sidekick Teleprompter Man! He has a panel of experts advising him on whose ass to kick. Go 0! #
  • Phony media think we'll be fooled by the feigned anger of the dear leader and forgive his incompetence. Fat Chance! #
  • American people surely know whose ass to kick out of the office this November and in 2012. #
  • How to fight back against Public Unions: A Primer #
  • So we have a president who seeks experts' advice on whose ass to kick... This guy is a disgrace to the office. #
  • Brennan, Like His Dear Leader, Is Clueless There is more than cluelessness is going on here... #
  • An islamist terrorist sympathizer as the deputy national security adviser for homeland security and counterterrorism?!? #
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