Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • While Queen Obama burns $300K a day, her muslim husband uses $23M our money to bring sharia law to his country. #
  • The guy killed 8 people & the phonies in AP trying to paint him as the victim & his victims as racists w/ no evidence #
  • get a better understanding of Obama's agenda. Read COMMUNIST GOALS from 1963. #
  • NYC mosque supporters know full well the message that mosque will send to islamists and it is not about interfaith understanding. #
  • Rule # ONE when dealing with islamists: You just can't trust what they say us. They only tell the truth when they are talking to each other. #
  • Really you leftists, what part of islam you find it so enticing? Honor killings, oppressing women, forced worship, modesty police? Tell us. #
  • Why do supposedly enlightened, progressive leftist elites like a backward 6th century oppressive system like islam so much? #
  • Vote out each and every career politician this November. They became experts in corruption. Time for these leeches to get real jobs. #
  • Obama wants to buy votes w/ our money.. again. Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac became Obama's stash. #
  • Well the same phony media does not even want to talk about how it is OK for a queer judge to rule for gay marriage. #
  • You remember how the media wanted talk about the judge's investments in oil business when he overruled the Obama moratorium? ... #
  • Obama & liberal democRATS want to pass bills for every little thing. Just get the hell out of our lives! We'll throw you out in November. #
  • WND: New documents point to Indonesian citizenship Kenyan-Indonesian-Marxist-Muslim Anti-American POTUS. #
  • Ann Coulter: Justice Brennan's Footnote Gave Us Anchor Babies Liberal Lies & propaganda destroying this country. #
  • What is islam? #
  • Why is islam is the favorite religion of leftist elitists? They all share the same goal of destroying Western Civilization. #
  • Learn more about the "moderate" imam pushing for NYC mosque: Dhimmis @ Time/Yahoo should read it #
  • Why can't the NYC muslims be understanding, respectful and sensitive? Why is it always us who need to be sensitive? #
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