Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • Why is Bin Laden pushing for global warming hoax like liberal democRATs do? Because it will Destroy Western Civilization. #
  • "second-tier" liberal gets fired because he dared to criticize "top-tier" liberal: #
  • No wonder Obama's AG Holder cover for the New Black Panthers Watch Shabazz praise Bin Laden and more... #
  • democRATS r never embarrassed of the kooks, idiots, corrupt people in their party. #
  • American Thinker: Thank-you, Gloria Allred #
  • Muslim NYC bomber news on CNN int'l and foreign media ABC, CBS, NBC still think he is a victim of foreclosure #
  • Thomas Friedman is a perfect example of elitist crap who wants to impose his own stupid ideas on people he detests #
  • AP: "intriguing twist: Yasser Arafat was playing a double game.." Only fools & useful idiots would be surprised #
  • Patty Murray: The Stupidest Person in America Osama Bin Ladin's PR lady should be kicked out of office. #
  • Set out to destroy the U.S. as we know it, Obama may end up destroying democRATS after all. #
  • Crouch: He's President, not a superhero Affirmative action president is living up to left's expectations. #
  • Crouch: He's President, not a superhero Obama's superhero name is superzero and his sidekick is the teleprompter man. #
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