Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • Obama is lying to college students about ObamaCare: #
  • democRATS drop Hope n Change in favor of Vote 4 Dope: #
  • democRATS' Great Big Hope: POTHeads: #
  • Mondale on Obama: "very bright -- as a matter of fact, brilliant" guy who uses idiot boards. It is the other way around #
  • Radical Environmentalist agenda kill humans to save the earth #
  • If you don't go along w/ the radical leftist global warming agenda, they will kill you They killed over 100m already #
  • Here is what global warming cult followers wish they can do to unbelievers: No wonder they r in love w/ islam #
  • Unmotivated, Lethargic Astroturfers Trash the Nation’s Capital their president trashes the Country. #
  • The Trouble with Islamic Outreach islam only reaches back to cut your head off... #
  • Top ten reasons why sharia is bad for all societies Coward libturds are ready to give in to 6th century barbarism #
  • Video: Black Leftist Attacks White Reporter Covering One Nation Rally #
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