Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-31

  • Liberals resort to the oldest excuse thanks to fake science: It is in our genes, we can't help it we are blithering idiots. #
  • Ann Coulter: You Don't Have to be Crazy to be a Democrat, But it Helps Disgraceful RATs! #
  • Don't Vote for RATs! Obama & the RATs are very close to achieve their goals set for them back in the 60s. #
  • Isn't Obama inciting violence when he calls political opponents ENEMIES and talks about " Hand to Hand combat"? Where's the outrage? #
  • NYT columnist celebrates West's decline and the rise of islam in Turkey. He was impressed by Iran also. Idiot! #
  • Rats who denounce their own votes Today to get elected will go right back to vote the same way once elected. Don't be fooled! #
  • The BOGUS POTUS Obama is waging war against Americans. Impeachment must be the number ONE priority. #
  • Really folks, who are the enemies of the Latinos Obama wants punished? This is conduct unbecoming the President. #
  • Obama is not only looking like a demon but he is acting and talking like demon that is haunting Americans. #
  • Who are the enemies of the "latinos" Obama wants them to punish? Americans? Anti-American POTUS alright. #
  • Well, his plan was to live off the government dole as he has done all his life. Different kinda welfare for this loser. #
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