Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • The guy who said "I WON, you shut up and obey" two years ago claims Today's WINNERS should respectfully work with him. BS! #
  • Ignore democRAT losers who demand compromise now. ObamaCare is poison. McConnell keep pushing for repeal. #
  • The guy who called us ENEMIES now wants us to "work" with him so ObamaCare stands. No! We want to REPEAL it! #
  • Californians elect a dead dem as a state senator, a dinosaur dem as their senator and a zombie dem as their governor. Hip party alright. #
  • Beware of dem SCAM: When they lose DemocRATs want to "work together" or "share power." Two yrs ago they wouldn't even listen to us. #
  • Doesn't look like dems getting the message. With the help of corrupts bastards in phony media they will try to spin this election. #
  • Californians better be ready for Brown out. This will be voter-made disaster. #
  • Obama must be furious that he can't stop his "enemies" from voting. If only the illegals, palestanians and kenyans could vote... #
  • Every 10-12 years Americans are conned by democRATs' "change" scam and they come to their senses 2 years thereafter. #
  • Obama bows to Saudis, wants to talk w/ Iranians, North Koreans & Taliban, sends $$ to terrorists in Gaza & calls Americans ENEMIES. #
  • Phony media didn't even react when Obama called Americans "Enemies." Palin is right. They are Corrupt Bastards! #
  • Religion of peace attacks again: #
  • Obama & democRATs promise their followers dope and government dole while salivating to loot, plunder and rape their "enemies". #
  • so all the taxes they confiscate is not enough... Now the democRATs want to confiscate our life savings? #
  • This is where Obama and democRATs want to keep Americans: On their knees begging for handouts. #
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