Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

  • Who is the arbitrator of "fairness?" Who decides what is fair? Dear leader Hussein Obama of course. It is good to be the KING! #
  • Occupations corrupted by liberals: Teaching, Nursing, Civil Service, Journalism and even stand-up comedy. Despicables spoil everything. #
  • Well, hard to blame Obama for thinking we all are stupid. Listen to Bill Maher. The guy has his head waaay up in his ass. #
  • Obama does really think we are all stupid: #
  • Politico spins the Affirmative Action POTUS' 8th Grade level SOTU BHO brought it down to our level? Pure BS! #
  • Obama SOTU described: Famiiar Rhetoric, Failed Record Empty Words from an Empty Suit. #
  • This better be the last SOTU speech this guy gives ever. #
  • "When profits and wealth and creativity are denigrated in society, they start to disappear -- leaving everyone the poorer" Atlas Shrugged #
  • Big investor Buffett reaps the benefits of being an Obama crony. #
  • Big Business Loves Big Government Obama's cronies like easy money looting US treasury. #
  • The truly dismal SOTU? Give Barack Hussein Obama a 2nd term and learn to love dismal. #
  • So Barack being surprised how resilient the US economy is, pledges to work harder to bankrupt America his 2nd term. #
  • BHO's Department of Poverty Enhancement (DOPE) will make being poor a desirable thing for Americans. Vote D, stay poor, live off the dole. #
  • Can't get those pundits who claim to know who is electable. If Barack Hussein Obama is electable then everyone is, including my dog. #
  • Hey Ann, it is not about snotty remarks. It is about making the joker occupying the WH the loser in November. Get it? #
  • Dear Leader has a new nickname: Barack the Buck Never Stops Here Hussein Obama: #
  • CURL: The truly dismal state of the union Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to do with it. #
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