Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-05

  • Obama spurns foreign auto execs, cars at auto show. GovMo sales dropped 6% compared with the year-ago period. #
  • Obama spurns foreign auto execs, cars at auto show Shouldn't have elected a classless PO(TU)S. #
  • Free cell phones for the poor in the DemocRat plantation. DOPE: Dept of Poverty Enhancement works. #
  • Barack Hussein Obama is almost done transforming the USA into a corrupt third-world country. For more years will finish the job. #
  • The only choice liberal will let us have is to kill our unborn babies. Once babies are born liberals will make all the choices. #
  • Partnership to prevent breast cancer: Every baby aborted by Planned Parenthood is one less case of possible breast cancer. #
  • Komen buckles under pressure. #1 priority for liberals is to abort the babies. Hey, that helps with reducing breast cancer cases right? #
  • Liberals believe that other human beings are stupid, ignorant, dangerous idiots who need to live by the rules liberals mandate. #
  • Kenyan Indonesian Muslim PO(TU)S talks about his Christian faith while forcing abortion on Catholics. #
  • Obama says his policies are extension of his faith Must be "God Damn America" church's faith. #
  • You can't possible get away with blaming your predecessor for three months when you get hired to fix things. Obama had three years. #
  • So the democrats say both Trump & Romney like firing people. We are all better off by firing Incompetent people like Obama. #
  • Obama says his policies are extension of his faith Sure, his muslim faith demands destruction of the USA. #
  • Why is the Kenyan POTUS wasting money to woo African-Americans? #
  • Michelle Obama has her own stimulus plan: $50K in lingerie purchases to stimulate Barack along w/ the economy #
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