Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

  • Phony journalist got chills when the Bogus POTUS revealed his personal belief that gays should be able to marry. #FakeNews #
  • You want to know what "Obama Pride" is? Obama co-opts gay pride. Everything is about the Dear Leader after all. #
  • "Barry" was to Americanized so he started using the name "Barack." Can you believe this same guy is now the American President? #BogusPOTUS #
  • MSNBC claims "Voters still wondering who is Mitt Romney?" I know he is not Kenyan-Indonesian-Muslim-Marxist Anti-American. #
  • If you like TSA you will love your ObamaCare unionized federal medical workers when it is fully implemented. #
  • Geraldo says he was 'raped' by TSA. Who demanded that the TSA should be unionized federal employees? Despicables of course. #
  • If you doubted me when I said 'D' stands for DESPICABLE then just watch everything Obama & his cronies say and do & try not to puke. #
  • Economy is in shambles. Millions are unemployed. Country is going bankrupt. Who Cares? Let's parteee! Obama is 4 gay marriage. #
  • So the rich gays proved that the BOGUS POTUS will say anything to get elected. Cash makes him gay. #
  • Robin Roberts is a fine example of crony journalism. #
  • #Obama2012Slogans I sent 324,000 working women back to where they belong At least my muslim bros will like this. #
  • Obama drops #Forward and announces a new campaign slogan: #CirclingTheDrain #
  • #Obama2012Slogans Hope & Change thing was hard and slow. Going #Forward I will Bitch & Whine. #
  • Former AG Michael Mukasey: Obama Officials Drafted Memo to Blame Military If OBL Mission Failed via @gatewaypundit #
  • I was right all along: Obama was all prepared to do it. #
  • Obama Knew About OBL’s Hideout in Abbottabad Since Summer of 2010 – Refused to Act Until May 2011 via @gatewaypundit #
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