Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-20

  • #ObamaYachtNames O'Blunder #
  • #PhonyMedia is still trying to cover for the #BogusPOTUS by mocking the Patriotic Americans. All the President's Men are in the MSM. #
  • Obama had a composite girlfriend as a composite man: black-white-kenyan-indonesian-gay-muslim-marxist-and-more. #BogusPOTUS #
  • Michelle Obamanette wonders why more of Americans are not eating arugula. #
  • Why try to avoid the "Kenyan thing?" The Kenyan in the WH is ruining this country & we need to know if he & his enablers committed fraud. #
  • I was right all along: Obama is Kenyan-Indonesian He also is muslim-marxist and anti-American. #BogusPOTUS #
  • #ObamaYachtNames Narcissist #
  • Barack Hussein Obama Turned out tobe a miserable failure as big as his own ego. #NarcissistLoser #
  • Let's be honest. Obama will say & do anything to keep partying & vacationing for 4 more years on our dime. This Preezy gig is cool. #
  • Obama is deluding himself by listening to his buddies in media and entertainment. Gays & leftists are not the majority in real America. #
  • #Obama2012Slogans Barack Hussein Obama is the God's Gift, I mean His Gift to humanity. We'll mark history at 2008 b4 BHO & after BHO. #
  • Why are the godless socialists always portray their dear leader Obama with a halo over his head? #
  • #Obama2012Slogans Forget Hope'n Change. It is time for Gay & Gayer. If you are gay and you know it, fork out the cash! #ObamaPride #
  • #Obama2012Slogans Who wouldn't vote for the Gay Messiah? Join the #ObamaPride Your first truly 1%er President: Rich, Gay & Socialist #
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