A Twitter Find: Dambiso Moyo

Within the last month or so, I signed up for a twitter account to expand the reach of this blog. Twitter is not only for people who are obsessed with themselves typing away short sentences about what they are doing. I mainly use it to talk about my blog posts and to make short posts linked to interesting posts I find on the internet. It also is a great way to find like-minded or interesting people.

Here is one I found Today: Dambiso Moyo

In Dead Aid, Dambisa Moyo describes the state of postwar development policy in Africa today and unflinchingly confronts one of the greatest myths of our time: that billions of dollars in aid sent from wealthy countries to developing African nations has helped to reduce poverty and increase growth.

In fact, poverty levels continue to escalate and growth rates have steadily declined—and millions continue to suffer. Provocatively drawing a sharp contrast between African countries that have rejected the aid route and prospered and others that have become aid-dependent and seen poverty increase, Moyo illuminates the way in which overreliance on aid has trapped developing nations in a vicious circle of aid dependency, corruption, market distortion, and further poverty, leaving them with nothing but the “need” for more aid.

Debunking the current model of international aid promoted by both Hollywood celebrities and policy makers, Moyo offers a bold new road map for financing development of the world’s poorest countries that guarantees economic growth and a significant decline in poverty—without reliance on foreign aid or aid-related assistance.

Dead Aid by Dambiso Moyo


Our Kenyan-Indonesian President is working hard to turn our country into one of these dependent poor African countries. Better read this book folks.

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  1. Please send my comments to Dambiso Moyao. very bright lady! Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia needs to be shame of himself to be spokes person of “the begger leaders of Africa”. She need to go after that pathetic foreign agent sitting as Prime Minister in Ethiopia in order to stop the shame we are in.