AARP wants to be AADP

Watch the senior citizen “hooligans” and “civic vigilantes” in Dallas question a condescending AARP representative about Obamacare. Dues-paying members are speaking up about the organization’s sellout of its members — and the AARP brass is not happy.

Revolt against AARP in Dallas: “Do you work for us or do we work for you?” -

This is funny as hell.

AARP's listening session... AARP is willing to listen as long as the retired people they supposedly represents play dead or go dead under ObamaCare.

Americans are rising up to take back their country from Obama the Joker and his minions.

Cancel your memberships or fire the people who are running AARP.

This is literally a fight for our lives folks. Obama the Joker and the democRATs want us dead!