AG Eric Holder Can’t Say Radical Islam

There is no rational explanation for Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to acknowledge the reason that motivates islamist terrorists.

There is no excuse either.

Eric Holder must go! Well, the Obama administration must go! These people are putting us in danger.

He acts like he is hearing the phrase "radical islam" first time.

He says "there are variety of reasons" why people have taken these "acts" -- note he won't even say terrorist acts -- but he can't even get himself to include "radical islam" as one of these variety of reasons.

Why? He says he does not want to say anything negative about a religion... Well the question was about "radical islam" not islam the religion of peace. I guess the AG of the USA has respect for the religion of "radical islam." He just does not want to disrespect them... They may try to blow up New York or something?

Another thing to note here: Our AG seems to be an expert on the teachings of islam and he goes out of his way to avoid associating islam with terrorist attacks.

It makes you wonder, isn't it?

Well, I'm not done with Mr. Holder.

We also found out Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder has not read the "Arizona's Immigration Law." Yes, incredible but true! Eric Holder had no reservations about being disrespectful to the Great State of Arizona. He attacked the people of Arizona without even taking time to read and understand the law their representatives passed.

How long are we going to tolerate this incompetent Attorney General who attacks fellow American citizens, takes the side of illegal immigrants and can't face the truth about islamist terrorism?

Let's not forget this is the same guy who called us a Nation of Cowards, the same guy who wanted to try terrorist masterminds in New York City, the same guy who who is coming up with schemes to free terrorists in GITMO, the same guy who has a "policy of conducting ruinous criminal and ethics investigations of lawyers over the advice they offer the government.