Albright becomes a propagandist for islam

"There is no doubt in my mind that Muslim countries can be democracies," Albright says. "Turkey is a perfect example of that. It is very evident, and, actually, in my study of religions, in many ways Islam is maybe the most democratic religion because there is nobody between you and God. So I do not think that is something that can be used as reason not to have Muslim democracies."

Albright Praises Obama's Efforts to Engage Muslim World -- VOE News

So we have a former secretary of state who plays a religion expert. This woman is another blithering idiot! She supposedly studied the religions and discovered that the "islam is maybe the most democratic religion". What a moron. If that's the case, where are all the great examples of islamic democracies you idiot? Is it the Saudi Arabia? Maybe that's why your president Barack Obama bowed to the King of Saudi huh? She gives Turkey, the only secular muslim country that adopted western values, as an example. Hey, you dimwit, if islam is the most democratic religion, wouldn't you think that the most islamist country is also the most democratic country? According to your theory we destroyed the most democratic regime on the face of earth: Afghanistan ruled by taliban. Can you believe this folks? These people like Madeleine Albright pass themselves off as the smartest, the most intelligent, bright intellectuals of our time and demand that we live by their rules. If we listen to this sorry excuse for a human being, we should all convert to islam and live the most democratic life under islam's shariah law where there is no freedom of speech, freedom of religion at all.

About the most modern, and westernized muslim country in the world that is a real democracy that is Turkey; Barack Hussein Obama and his minions like Albright are trying to destroy that fragile democracy. Something the Iranians and Saudis have been trying to do for years. Yes folks, according the Barack Hussein Obama and Albright, the most important thing about Turkey is not her western, secular democracy, capitalist economy but her majority muslim population and her current islamist government.

Jihad Watch has a great summary of Turkey's history in getting freeding the state of the "most democratic religion" according to a former secretary of state of USA.

Albright says that Turkey is a "perfect example" of how Islam is democratic. But let's look at the record. In the aftermath of World War I, Mustafa Kemal, who called himself Ataturk, or Father of the Turks, established the first secular government in a Muslim society, leading the Sheikh who famously visited Osama bin Laden on video in 2001 to refer to “infidels like the Turks.” Ataturk declared that “the civilized world is far ahead of us. We have no choice but to catch up. It is time to stop nonsense, such as ‘should we or should we not wear hats?’ We shall adopt hats along with all other works of Western civilization. Uncivilized people are doomed to be trodden under the feet of civilized people.”

Hats were more than just a symbol: because of their brims, they interfered with the prostrations that were and are an essential element of Islamic prayer. By outlawing turbans and mandating hats, Ataturk was striking at the very heart of Turkish Islamic society. Within a relatively brief period the great Islamic empire that had been the seat of the caliphate and the lodestar of the Muslim world became a Western-style modern state. The unity of the polity was based on racial, not religious grounds (resulting in the murder and exile of millions of Armenians and a not inconsiderable number of Greeks, who fared marginally better even as dhimmis, at least until they were deemed to have violated the terms of the dhimma, than they did under the nationalistic and secular Turkish government).

Ataturk accomplished this transformation by abolishing the caliphate, restricting political Islam and other expressions of Islam, including Islamic marriages, and letting mosques and Islamic shrines fall into disrepair. He worked hard to diminish the place of Islam in Turkish society.

Isn’t this the dream of moderate, Western-influenced and Western-friendly Muslims and their non-Muslim patrons? Ataturk labored to erect a truly Jeffersonian wall of separation between mosque and state. If the notion of a modernized, secularized Islam really has any viability, it should show in Turkey, its principal research and development project.

Madeleine Albright: "Islam is maybe the most democratic religion because there is nobody between you and God. So I do not think that is something that can be used as reason not to have Muslim democracies." - Jihad Watch

Turkey must be held as a perfect example of how a nation progresses and prospers when it frees herself from the shackles of islamic rule. Turkey is a western style democracy and constitution. It is not ruled by shariah. Turkey is light years ahead of all the other states that are ruled by some form islamic theocracy.

Yes folks, over 80 years ago, Kemal Ataturk had much more courage than modern day liberals have.

Well..., maybe I am wrong. Maybe Barack Hussein Obama, Madeleine Albright and other liberals, leftists, socialists and marxists are not cowards but actively cooperating with islamists to destroy western civilization they so much hate. They are doing the very same thing they claimed Saddam Hussein would not do: work with an islamist organization like al-qaida to attack America.