Any Monkey Can Do it

Why is this cartoon racist?

It is a funny way of expressing that a monkey could have done as good a job writing the so-called stimulus bill. Heck, any monkey could have done a better job designing TARP 1 last year also.

I don't see Obama in that monkey. Only people who are the real racists in this country see Obama and cry racism. They are liberal democRATS.

Where is the Attorney General Holder who wishes we have "candid conversations about race issues" in this country. Mr. Holder why don't you step up to the plate and stop these liberal democRATs who are trying to intimidate a newspaper? Those are the same people who are turning us into a "nation of cowards." They are the real racists in this country who see a black person in every cartoon that depicts a monkey.

Let's just assume that the racist liberal democRATs are right and the monkey in the cartoon is a depiction of Obama... So what? What if the monkey was a depiction of Bush? Would that have been OK? These same liberal racist democRATs can never stop reminding us all that we are evolved from monkeys. So what is the big deal? Are we supposed to drop any idiom that contains the word monkey when the idiom refers to a black person? So we can never say "So Easy A Monkey Could Do It" if we are referring to a task that happens to be done by a black person? Is it only OK to call whites slightly developed monkeys? Is this enough candid discussion of race for you Mr. Holder?

There are couple more points here:

1) I wrote here before that the liberal democRATs are no different than islamofascists when it comes to dealing with opposition: They will not tolerate it. Their reaction to a monkey cartoon they deem an insult to their supreme leader is no different than islamofascists' reaction to the cartoons that depict their prophet.

2) liberal democRATs draw and publish the most offensive and racist cartoons about black conservatives and they are celebrated for the provocativeness of their artwork. Here are a couple examples:

These are vile, racist cartoons celebrated by liberal democRATs.