Auto Bailout Scam

Leave it to Bob Lutz, GM's voluble vice chairman, to puncture the unreality of the auto bailout he himself has been championing. In an email to Ward's Auto World, he notes an obvious flaw in Congress's rescue plan now taking shape: The fuel-efficient "green" cars GM, Ford and Chrysler profess to be thrilled to be developing at Congress's behest will be unsellable unless gas prices are much higher than today's.

The Bailout That Won't - The WSJ Online Journal

Folks, there is nothing in this so-called auto bailout bill that is going to help save the Detroit-3. It is all about liberal democRATs taking advantage of current financial crisis to take over American Auto Industry. What do you think when the government controlled by liberal democRATs take over, nationalize the auto industry? They will start implementing their ambitious plan to kill internal combustion engine. You see people like Lutz do not understand the liberal democRATs. Liberal democRATs couldn't care about people wanting these cars or not. They want to force us out of our cars into mass-transit for years. They have the power of government to use taxes, fees, rules and regulations to make us drive whatever they want us to drive. They have the power of government to shut the imports.

Liberal democRATs hate cars. In America, cars are the symbol of freedom and individuality. That's why the liberal democRATs want to kill the auto industry. This is not a bailout bill but a DEATH SENTENCE. Shame on all these auto executives for letting this happen. Shame on President Bush if he signs on to this. Leave it to Barack to do it Mr. President!