The Biggest Scam in The History of The U.S.

Back in May when Maxine Waters threatened oil company executives with "socializing" their companies, most people laughed at her stupidity. I posted on May 24th that I was surprised with liberal democRATs' candidness in saying what they really think this year.

You'll see in the video that people sitting next to her are amused by her statement. It is not funny folks. These libRATs have been working hard to dumb-down their own constituency for years. They have been using propaganda with the help of phony media. I guarantee you that there were ignorant people watching this and getting all excited about taking over the oil industry. There is a reason socialists like Maxine Waters feel more confident to say what they really think.

Here is the link to the video: Maxine Waters wants to nationalize oil industry.

This is what she says: "And guess what this liberal would be all about. This liberal will be about socializing … uh, um. … Would be about, basically, taking over, and the government running all of your companies. …"

Congress just socialized the mortgage industry by passing this bailout bill.

This is done by democRATs on purpose. It is part of their agenda of taking over our economy. They were the ones who set the government-backed mortgage scheme. They were the ones who forced private lending institutions make bad lending decisions in the name of social engineering. They are the ones who blocked the oversight and regulation of this system.

The same democRATs who caused this whole thing by meddling with free markets in the name of social engineering are blaming it on the free market. They think we are stupid! Well, they already got quite a few Stupid Republicans to go along with them to take control of more of our economy so they can keep marching towards socialism.

I wrote before folks, why work hard, save money, do your research and try to make wise decisions when it comes to your financial situation. Give up your freedoms, give up your future aspirations for a better life and replace them with cozy security and warm poverty liberal socialist democRATs will bring for you. As long as you think the right way, say the right things, be content living within the poverty level and vote for them in all sham elections; you will have a free home, work in a government created job project, get free health care (mostly none), free education, pre-school to university, for your children (more brain washing), decent prices for your basic needs (rationing). "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness" will be replaced by "Death to Misfits, Total Belief and Trust in Your Supreme Ruler Obama".

Yes folks, democRATs have a presidential nominee who is promising to turn this country into a socialist tyranny. Tax cuts for 95%, when only 70% is paying taxes, means a socialist welfare state is in the horizon. "A civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as our military means the socialist tyrant will have his storm troopers patrolling the streets. He already have volunteer law enforcement personnel working to silence people who speak against him. Most of the media is already in lock step with his agenda, actively spreading his propaganda. The plans already drawn to shut down the conservative talk radio under the guise of fairness. Believe me when I say the socialist tyrant will also figure out way to silence blogs on the internet when he consolidates his power.

It is a perfect storm and it is up to us to stop this now! McCain may not be the perfect nominee but he needs to win by a landslide. We also need to throw all these socialist democRATs along with spineless stupid Republicans out. Our way of life is under grave threat. We must act now!

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