California Liberals can’t Put Two and Two Together

California voters said no, but Democratic lawmakers are pushing to do it anyhow.

The issue involves billions of dollars and a ballot measure so important to schools that the California Teachers Association spent more than $7 million in a failed attempt to pass Proposition 1B.

One month after the initiative died, Democrats are proposing to pay schools the same $7.9 billion that was the heart of the measure and to begin payments the same year, 2011-2012.

Democrats want California schools to get billions that voters rejected - Sunday, June 21, 2009

A California law requiring high school seniors to pass a high-stakes exit exam before receiving their diplomas is targeted for elimination, at least temporarily, because of the state's fiscal mess.

Democratic legislators are pushing the idea of lifting the mandate, arguing that it's not fair to expect schools hammered by budget cuts to meet every threshold they have in the past.

Democrats push to suspend California high school exit exam Thursday, Jun. 18, 2009

It is hard to read these two stories without getting angry...

This is what liberal democRATs are all about: Elections do not matter. People's will does not matter. They will either try to overturn the ballot box results by going to court as they did in response to the passage of proposition 8, or they will use bureaucratic schemes as they are doing here. Californians spoke clearly on May 19, 2009:

Voters who chose to vote said NO MORE TAXES, NO MORE BORROWING, NO MORE HANDOUTS TO UNIONS and NO MORE PAY RAISES for you politicians. They said all those things by a 3 to 1 margin. It is simple as that.

California's liberal democRATs are paying back $7 million to their teachers' union buddies. California's liberal democRATs do not want to keep teachers accountable either. California High School Exit Exam is a joke! California's High School students are failing a test based on 7th grade level. Evidently it still is too much work for California teachers to educate California kids to the 7th grade level. Maybe they should spend a little less time demonstrating for more money while trying to block school vouchers, private schools and even home schooling.

Liberal democRATs keep paying them for a job well done: Dumb down the American youth. Indoctrinate them with anti-American, socialist, enviro-marxist ideologies so they can be easily fooled by people like Obama and liberal democRATs.

You really need to be educated by California teachers and fail CaHSEE to be fooled by what liberal democRATs are claiming here folks: "We cannot afford to educate our kids to grade level standards so we should not test them but we will still give $7 million to our beloved teachers although the heartless California voters said we shouldn't." Hooray for teachers not teaching our kids! Give them more money! If you are a product of California schools you probably won't bother to ask "How much of the General Fund Budget is spent on Education?" The answer is very easy to find here: "While it has changed over time and changes somewhat from year-to-year, about 52 to 55 percent of the State General Fund Budget is spent on K–12 and Higher Education." Yet, it still is not enough folks... Most of the money goes to the administrators and teachers. Listen to this:

King said Katehi's $400,000 salary is 25 percent less than what is earned by chancellors at similar universities. The chancellor also will be provided with housing, a $9,000 annual car allowance and a $100,000 relocation allowance, as well as moving expenses, among other benefits.

UC backs new UC Davis chief, won't probe her role in Illinois controversy - Jun. 18, 2009

That is how much -- $400,000 plus a year -- one California University is paying for its chancellor. These are the same people who complain about what corporations pay to their executives. At least the corporations are not confiscating our money as the liberal democRATs do.