Cash for Clunker Stories

Take a peek at the heaps (no offense) these 6 turned in -- or tried to turn in -- to get their Cash for Clunkers deal.

What I Got With Cash for Clunkers -- Yahoo!

A few impressions on this story:

1) Most people who took advantage of this program went out and bought the cheapest car they can get. The sticker price for these cheapest cars being around $18,000, they saved about 19% - 25% just with the tax-payer money. Add factory and dealer incentives and discounts, savings are hovering around 50% of the factory sticker price. No wonder "cash for clunkers" is so popular.

2) Most people in this story are keenly aware of the source of the money and they know that it is not "free". This is a good thing.

3) The creepy part:

I have a bit of guilt that I'm sending the "great white dragon" (our nickname for the beloved Chevy) off to slaughter before its natural death, but it was on its way anyhow.

I mourned a bit for the old cars that might have some useful life left. But we would've never been able to sell the Town Car for as much as the trade-in. It had already cost us $500 in maintenance for this year

ObamaCare for cars seems to be a little warm-up for ObamaCare for humans. Obama and democRATs are hoping someday you will be saying similar things about your grand parents or parents when Obama health rationing bureaucrats order them to die.

By the way folks, so far most of the money is fronted by the individual dealers. Government is making them go through hoops to get the money they were promised.

Obama's presidency, his administration and the democRATs in the congress are the real clunkers.