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Obama Supports Terrorism

Someone whom I respect and admire very much—a senior friend of mine—has asked me to write this letter to you, the American People. He is a businessman who has done business with you for years in the past and is still full of positive energy and appreciation for what and who you are. He has asked me to inform you by sharing with you the facts that the Obama Administration’s policy for Turkey and the Middle East are totally misdirected. Obama’s policy will send future generations into chaos and confusion and will cause our children to consider each other as enemies.


Currently the Obama Administration is, for the sake of short-term benefits, endangering your long-term future benefits regarding the security of future generations of Americans, your universal values, your principles of democracy and human rights, all the foundational ideals of the American people so solidly written into your Constitution.


Erdogan and his government are trying to wipe out in Turkey the ideals, symbolism and modern reforms of Ataturk. I do not know how much you know about Ataturk but he is the leader who brought Turkey into the modern age, enabling renaissance and enlightenment periods to develop in Turkey which the West had produced so painstakingly in its past. He is, for us, akin to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, combined. Without those reforms, Turkey would have remained in the Middle Ages.

Do you know that the Obama administration together with Erdogan and some backward Gulf states are exporting terrorism to Syria, Turkey's southern neighbor? Are you aware that al-Qaeda-related murderers in Syria are supported by the American administration and are cutting and eating the hearts and livers of live people?


Do you know that the CIA is behind the operations in Turkey called Ergenekon and Balyoz, created to allow the Erdogan government to make regime changes in Turkey? Do you know that because of this, prominent and modern-thinking leaders from universities, politics, the military and media have been thrown into jails? There is no longer law or justice in Turkey. Since I have my roots in the military as a retired admiral, I know for sure that all the members of the Turkish Armed Forces, from the enlisted men to the top generals, hate the United States because of its support of Erdogan. This is the result of the U.S. administration’s short sighted leaders' inability to see the future.

Do you know that Erdogan and the AKP government, who are backed by the U.S. administration, made recent education policy changes called 4+4+4 that take the Turkish educational system back to the darkness of the middle ages? The best thing that will ever come from this educational system will be the fundamentalist suicide bombers. If tomorrow, somewhere in the world, you lose your children or grandchildren with the bombs exploded in the name of religion, wouldn't your consciences be pained for your government's support of those bombers?


Dear American People, as I conclude my appeal to you, in all honesty, I wish you to know that the Obama administration’s policies are the root cause of the enmity between the American and Turkish peoples. It remains a threat to regional and world peace. Last Sunday, I noticed a hand-held sign during the demonstration in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. It read “Obama Supports Terrorism.” It is actually very true! Regrettably, the US government, for the sake of short term gains all over the world including in Turkey, supports terrorism. I happen to think that democracy is not this, or better put, this is not democracy!


Admiral Türker Ertürk (Retired) Former Superintendent, Turkish Naval Academy

In Obama’s own words…

This is Not A Day of Service!

Barack Hussein Obama wants to reduce September 11 into a day where we pledge to serve his tyranny and do silly things like painting walls.

He wants us to forget!

He wants to lecture us Americans about freedom of religion.

Barack Hussein & muslims he chose to stand with are trying to hijack 9/11 and use it as a rallying cry for Ground Zero Mega Mosque.

We will not forget and we will not submit!

Michelle Malkin has a great post on her site Today: 9/11 remembrance: Set your alarms and steel your resolve

Read it folks. Click on each link and read the rundown of the individual attacks and what those murderous jihadists did on 9/11/2001. It is hard to read but we must. We must also remember that these 19 muslims did it all in the name of their religion, islam. They were not hijacking islam, they were following it.

As Michelle Malkin says we need the resolve to act in defense of our freedoms against this 6th century political islam.

Self-loathing & cowardly approach in dealing with the political islam is putting us all in danger. We cannot trust Barack Obama and liberal democRATs with our life or liberties.

It is utterly absurd that Barack Hussein Obama wants to lecture American people about freedom of religion on the 9th anniversary of muslims' murderous attacks. It is incomprehensible that when muslims burn unbelievers, islamist countries don't allow teaching of any other religion but islam; Americans are the ones who are asked to prove their tolerance.

Where is the sensitivity and respect from muslims towards the victims of 9/11 and their families? They were demonstrating for Ground Zero mega mosque even Today.

One thing everyone needs to keep repeating is that islam is not a religion. It is a political regime with its own economic and legal system. It is a theocracy where mosque is the state. It is not compatible with Western Civilization and despite what our pretend Commander-in-Chief says we should be at war with political islam and defeat it. Muslims who want to bring sharia and turn America into a islamist hell-hole should buy a one-way ticket to the islamist hell-hole Saudi Arabia.

Barack Hussein Obama can keep painting walls on 9/11. We will remember this November and forever what these murderous jihadists did and how the liberal elites in politics, government, academia and media reacted.

Media’s Koran Burning Orgasm

First of all a courtesy notice to coward liberals: No, using the word "orgasm" and 'koran" in the same sentence is not provocative and it will not incite muslim violence. Islam is a religion that wants to control the minutiae of a muslim's life. I am sure that is one of the reasons why you liberals like islam so much. Anyways, each and every day muslim religious scholars issue decisions about female masturbation to menstruation and anything in between. So there's nothing to worry. By the way, for those who are curious: Female masturbation is not allowed in islam.

Back to the subject at hand: The propagandist media went into a frenzy about an obscure pastor's idea of burning korans on 9/11. It has become the biggest news item. They all cover it the same way by condemning the pastor and issuing warnings to us about the incitement it will generate in the muslim world and the violence that will follow.

It is such a mindless coverage that it became comical.

Well, there are thousands of imams who advocate death to infidel in their mosques. Just recently a prominent not an obscure, muslim cleric called for beheading of Geert Wilders. Nobody in the media who are in a frenzy over an obscure pastor's call for burning a koran seemed to care. I guess it is either OK for muslim clerics to advocate murder or burning a koran is a much bigger crime than murdering a Dutch politician. Well yes, according to the islamic law burning a koran is a bigger crime than killing an infidel. Glad to see that the propagandist media agree with the islamic law.

Let me ask you this: How do you think the propagandist media will react if a muslim cleric or a bunch of imams called for this obscure pastor's beheading in response to koran burning? They pretty much told us to expect violence and they would not only excuse but justify it. Who can blame them? Muslims have reasons to be angry with us you know...

That gets me to my second point: We are incessantly being asked to be sensitive and tolerant to muslims' feelings and their religion. We are being told that we should be careful about what we say and what we do and try not to get muslim street angry with us. Liberals keep asking the question: "Why do they hate us?" over and over again and coming up with a variety of reasons. No matter what our liberal masters do, muslims' hatred for us seems to be increasing. You know why? Forget all the reasons liberal idiots are giving you for the muslim hatred. The true muslims, some in the media call them radical muslims although our Attorney General won't use that term, hate us for being who we are no for what we do. So how do you suppose we deal with that fact you liberal idiots. Sure, let's all drop our own beliefs and convert to islam for the sake of peace. After all islam the religion of peace envisions a peace where there are no unbelievers left. Submit or get exterminated by islam for the sake of global peace. That will surely make our liberal masters happy. Just a few things to ponder though: There will not be any gays in a world ruled by peaceful islam as confirmed by the president of islamic republic of iran. There will not be room for feminism and abortion. Well, I am not sure about abortion since muslims have no problem aborting infidels years after they were born. I am sure a muslim cleric will issue a fatwa about that. before I forget, there won't be any freedom of speech, freedom of religion either when the peaceful islam rules the world. I am sure that there is a big portion of liberals who think that this is a small price to pay to achieve global peace.

The bottom-line is and has always been NEVER TRUST LIBERALS with YOUR LIFE & LIBERTY! They will sell your life and freedoms out in a New York minute.

Misunderstood islam… by who?

It's the same neighborhood where the former hot dog restaurant along busy Western Avenue has sat vacant for two years - and where the Faizan e Madina community wants to locate a mosque.

"We are planning to educate people about Islam, a misunderstood religion," said Rashid Mopiwala, Faizan e Madina.

Permit Denied For Mosque In West Rogers Park - CBS2

"We are planning to educate people about Islam, a misunderstood religion,"

The question is who is misunderstanding islam?

For years, so-called moderate muslims have been trying to convince us to believe that islam is a religion of peace while evidently not-so-moderate muslims have been killing people all over the world. Since September 11, 2001, leftist liberal democRATS, elites in the media and the academia joined the propaganda effort to portray islam and muslims as peace-loving people who only care about exercising their freedom of religion here in the United States without interference from bigoted Americans. They keep repeating that we ignorant and dumb Americans are too stupid to understand how wonderful islam is.

OK... Let's just go along with our ruling class and accept that we "misunderstood" this wonderful religion... But, wouldn't you think that our elite media, academia, liberal democRAT politicians and government bureaucrats have at least a little bit of an intellectual curiosity left in them? After all they are the ones who remind us how superior to us they are intellectually. Wouldn't you think they would at least ask " Where do these dumb Americans get the idea that islam preaches violence towards unbelievers and it is bent on killing infidels?"

You see our so-called "misunderstanding" of islam stems from the words and acts of devout and passionate followers of islam.

So the question is islam is misunderstood by who? Do the devout followers of islam, people like Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda terrorists, misunderstand islam or the so-called moderate muslims who are trying to convince us islam is a religion of peace, misunderstand islam?

Which is it you "smart" people in the media who call us ignorant bigots? Can you help us out here? If we were to believe you and the so-called moderate muslims, islam is the most misunderstood religion not by us but by its most devout and passionate followers. Now, if that's the case why don't these so-called moderate muslims work on educating the real misunderstanders of their religion? Why don't they reach out to these poor muslims who become terrorists because they are not aware that islam is the religion of peace. You see, if these so-called moderate muslims can educate their radical brothers and stop them from terrorizing, killing and blowing themselves up in the name of their religion, the reasons for our own "miunderstanding" of islam will disappear.

So, the bottom-line is that if these so-called moderate muslims are not interested in educating radical muslims and they keep berating us about our misunderstanding and intolerance of their wonderful religion; we will have another, much bigger misunderstanding about them: They are the soft side of jihad. They are using freedoms, liberties, sensitivities afforded by our civilization to bring our guards down so their radical muslim brothers can inflict bigger damages to destroy our civilization. Unfortunately the intellectual elites are either complicit in this scam or they are too damn afraid to speak the truth.

We are not the ones who misunderstand islam. We understand it really well and we will not let you turn America into a 7th century islamist hell-hole.

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