Chavez Seizes a U.S. Company… What Say Obama?

President Hugo Chavez seized a unit of American food giant Cargill on Wednesday and threatened to take over Venezuela's largest private company, renewing a nationalization drive as the OPEC nation's oil income plunges.

UPDATE 4-Venezuela's Chavez seizes U.S. food giant unit

So what is Obama administration's response?


Any phony journalist is up to the task of asking the Supreme One if he is willing to let this stand?

On a second thought... Obama and Chavez are both socialists so the silence is understandable. We let Obama continue with his leftist agenda, Obama will be nationalizing Cargill and other companies within a year or so here in the United States anyways.

Chavez's clash with the food companies, demanding they produce cheaper rice, came less than three weeks after he won a referendum on allowing him to run for reelection and marked his first nationalization in seven months.

Thank you dear dictator for showing these multi-national, global capitalist pigs who want to profit from food -- a basic right.

That's how your average socialist dummy responding to this idiot's demands. Guess what will happen? Food shortages and starvation. Poor Venezuelans!