Coming Obamageddon

This has been long in the making, but now it’s being accelerated, by these programs of stimulus packages, bailouts, buyouts, government takeovers. By the way, people are calling it — is it nationalism, is it socialism? The merger of state and corporate powers, according to Mussolini who knew a thing or two about it, is called fascism. So what we’re doing is we’re looking at the disintegration of the empire in terms of, “This used to be the entrepreneurial empire of the world.” And now, it’s become a place of the “too big to fails.”

Hat Tip to HotAir: Video: Obamageddon in 2012?

Yes folks, what Obama and liberal democRATs are doing is called FASCISM! "The merger of state and corporate powers" says Celente is called fascism. He is not only talking about Obama's take over of General Motors and Chrysler. It is about his secret dealings with big drug and insurance companies. It is about his cap and trade bill and how it benefits Goldman Sachs and General Electric. As I wrote earlier, Big Business loves Big Government folks.

"The mantra of too big to fail is a lot of baloney.


Too big to fail is the monopolies killing main street"

This is exactly right. Obama and liberal democRATs are propping up these monopolies at the expense of small businesses. These monopolies, in return fund and support radical Obama agenda.

Don't forget, Number 37 of Communist Goals says: "37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business."

Celente is absolutely right. The first thing that needs to be done is to get government stay out of private enterprise. Today, Obama administration is either taking equity positions in private businesses or intimidating them to behave in certain ways. The same administration is also passing thousand plus pages laws that are sure to be expanded into tens of thousands of pages of bureaucratic rules and regulations that will control of every aspect of our lives. Obama and liberal democRATs are trying to transform the greatest country in the world into a third world tyranny.