Conflict of Visions

Dr Thomas Sowell where he discusses his book Conflict of Visions in which he highlights the difference between liberal and conservative ideology. He examines the basic foundation for the battle between the "Left" and the "Right". This show was taped before the Nov 4th election but he is dead on in his analysis of Obama and McCain.

Illinois Review: Thomas Sowell and a Conflict of Visions


I have been thinking of posting a review of this book since last summer. Just could not get to it. Hopefully I'll do it within the next few weeks or so.

Folks this is before the election. Everything Thomas Sowell said is coming through. Obama and democRATs already wrecked the economy. Obama is working to free the terrorists in Guantanamo. He actually signed an executive order to bring in hamas militants into this country under the guise of refugee aid. His Attornay General's top priority is to force people to have "candid discussions on race issues" not fighting terrorism. He is going to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. "The Point of No Return" Dr. Sowell talking about is unfortunately here.

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