democRAT Culture of Corruption Stories – March 12, 2009

There are so many of these stories that are ignored by the partisan propagandists in the media.

Mr. Dodd is already under a cloud for receiving what a former loan officer claims was preferential treatment from Countrywide Financial on two mortgage refinancings -- in Connecticut and Washington -- in 2003. Countrywide was an aggressive lender to shaky borrowers and relied heavily on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy those mortgages in bulk. As a senior Member of the Senate Banking Committee, Mr. Dodd was one of Fannie's greatest promoters. Mr. Dodd promised last year to disclose mortgage documents to prove he got no special treatment, but so far all he's done is let a few hand-picked journalists take a quick peek before he put the papers back in storage.

Chris Dodd's Irish 'Cottage' -

Why even call them "a few hand-picked journalists"? These are bought and paid for propagandists.

Chris Dodd is one of the principal architects of our current financial meltdown. Read the story folks. This is a big scandal that involves political payback, tax evasion and maybe more unethical behaviour on the part of this liberal democRAT senator.

Ms. Waters and her husband have both held financial stakes in the bank. Until recently, her husband was a director. At the same time, Ms. Waters has publicly boosted OneUnited's executives and criticized its government regulators during congressional hearings. Last fall, she helped secure the bank a meeting with Treasury officials.

Waters Helped Bank Whose Stock She Once Owned -

This headline does not do justice to the story. This is not a bank whose stock she once owned. she was intimately involved with this bank. Her husband was a director of this bank for crying out loud!

This is why liberal democRATs want to keep taxing us. They need to funnel all that money to their families and friends.

Charlie Rangel’s message for Jason - and for all you bothersome taxpayers wondering about his shady rental property deals, publicly-subsidized Cadillac, and unpaid taxes:

“Why don’t you mind your goddamned business?”

Because, you damned corruptocrat, you are a servant of the public – not the other way around.

Tax cheat Rangel caught on tape: “Why don’t you mind your goddamned business?” -

"Because, you damned corruptocrat, you are a servant of the public – not the other way around."

Unfortunately many of these RATs think that we are their servants and slaves. Calculate how many ours you work to pay the taxes so these assholes can give them to their friends, family, supporters and even to terrorists in Gaza. Look at the way Pelosi treating our brave men and women. She thinks the United States Air force is her personal airliner.

Pelosi's abuse of her military aircraft and personnel is a big scandal phony journalists ignoring. Folks, you know the type of person if you ever worked in a customer service environment: Arrogant, condescending with a holier than thou attitude person who couldn't care less about you. That's Pelosi. The funny thing is that most liberal democRATs are the same person but they get away with this false impression that they are for the ordinary people. Not only they can't stand the ordinary people, their policies do the biggest harm to ordinary people.

While we are on the subject of how these democRATs waste our money, here is another scandal in the making:

Geithner said the administration will ask Congress to make $100 billion more available – nearly doubling the current U.S. commitment – to the International Monetary Fund to aid struggling nations.

Treasury seeks $100 billion to aid ailing nations -

This deserves an obscene word or a gesture. The Obama administration can't even start fixing our own economy after spending trillions of dollars and now they want to give $100 billion to the corrupt governments around world. Just F#@$ them idiots...

I am sorry folks... I had to say it.

Where are the damn Republicans? They don't even have the balls to confront queen Pelosi on her abuse of military aircraft and personnel. They should force her to give up her privilege. Why aren't they speaking out against this madness of giving our money away. Where the hell are they?