democRATs are committed to killing the United States

Representative Henry A. Waxman
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Ed Markey
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The plan calls for a reduction of carbon emissions of 20 percent by 2020 using carbon trading system and requires utilities to purchase 25 percent of their energy from renewable fuel sources by 2025. By 2050, the lawmakers want to reduce U.S. carbon emissions by 83 percent.

House Democrats release climate plan - The Washington Times

Mr. Waxman and Mr. Markey also laid out an accelerated schedule with which they hope to have the measure moved out of their committee by Memorial Day.

These are the people who seek to destroy American prosperity, achievement, supremacy, advancement, economy in the name of a hoax: global warming. They have delusional ideas that will never be realized. We will spend billions of dollars, our hard earned tax dollars for this idiocy. We will give up more of our freedom and liberty for just to satisfy the demands of people who hate us. We will become poorer and weaker for no reason folks.

These assholes want to do cost benefit analysis when it comes to your life and health care. They want to give a bureaucrat power to decide whether or not your life is worth the government expense to save it. The same assholes could not even care about any kind of cost benefit analysis when it comes to the global warming lie they are pushing. We are carbon based lifeforms folks and the people you voted for want to tax you for being alive.

I guess it all ties together. These human-haters are for abortion. They won't even mind if a baby is murdered after s/he survives abortion. These human-haters want to have the final say over who lives or dies. They are for euthanasia. They are for assisted suicide. They complain endlessly about population growth. They rather have farmers relocate and starve to save an endangered worm. These people are waging a war against humanity. no wonder the democRAT party is called the party of death. They celebrate death. These people are not on our side. They could not care less about us folks.

We say "Give me liberty or death!" democRATs in response getting ready to deal us "death".