DemocRATs are The Same Old Rats

Are you surprised to see democRATs all over the country denouncing their own votes, their own party and their own president and leaders?

Why do you think they are doing that?

Just to get elected again. Simple as that.

What do you think they will do once they get elected?

They will go back to slavishly following their own president, party leaders and voting the party line.

democRATs are weasels. Don't be fooled by them.

Back, during the 2003 primaries I did a series titled "Ideas for the Democratic Presidential Candidates". I was making fun of their stupid ideas. When they fooled most Americans and got Obama elected president, I could not believe they actually used these ideas:

Post #1: Ideas for Democratic Presidential Candidates

Here is the first one:

Nationalize the automobile industry. Automobile industry is producing gas guzzling, terrorist funding, tree killing, unsafe, unaffordable vehicles. It is exporting American jobs. Government should take over all automobile factories. United Auto Workers should be classified as federal employees. All the auto dealerships around the country should be closed to put an end to their unfair practices. Importation of automobiles should be banned. After an extensive bureaucratic research, government will start producing a gas efficient, practical, and safe car for the citizens. Since there won't be any dealerships, everyone except the rich will pay the same price for each vehicle. Rich will need to pay an extra surcharge so we can provide poor of this country with free cars or free mass transit. Vehicles need to be ordered direct from the factory. Since all the vehicles will be standard issue there won't be any confusion in choosing style, options, or colors. No personal selections will be allowed. Due to strict governmental standards delivery of your vehicle may take a little longer than a year from the date it is ordered. It is a small sacrifice to make. Government will continue to produce a small batch of SUVs, big trucks, fast sport cars for designated government officials, representatives, senators, certain newspaper editors, movie industry, some executives of certain companies. Allocation of these vehicles will be based on national security considerations, campaign contributions...

One of the first acts of Obama & democRATs was to turn General Motors and Chrysler into Government Motors. I thought I was exaggerating back in 2003. Now I do think, when not checked, these RATS will continue with the rest of the plan.

Post #2: Ideas for Democratic Presidential Candidates - 2

Supreme court judges with a world perspective: We as democrats are doing a great job obstructing, blocking Bush's judicial nominations. When I'm president I will nominate judges like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who will look to world perspective rather than the constitution itself. Al Gore said the constitution is a living document. No! It is a dead document written by dead white people over 200 years ago. We need to have justice based on comparative and international law perspectives as justice Ginsburg so eloquently put. We should look to French in determining the constitutionality of a Texas anti-sodomy law. If French likes being sodomized, why can't Texans? We should find out more about Islamic law and ways to use here in the states. After all this is the same world we live in. If I can't get Justices I want to the court fast enough I will override any ruling I don't like by executive orders just as my good friend Gephardt said. I wish Clinton had used executive order to override Bush v Gore and declared Gore the winner. Heck! He should have repealed the 22nd amendment by executive order and stayed as our president.

Can we afford another Elena Kagan?

No more military threat to the world: My friend Howard Dean said that the United States "won't always have the strongest military," I'll make sure we won't have the strongest military. Anything bad happens to us or to the world happens because of the Military and the Military Industrial Complex that supports it. People feel threatened by our military. I will cut our military spending by 80%; share our military technology including nuclear secrets or whatever left of it after Clinton with China, France, Germany, and even North Korea. That way everyone will know that we are for peace. Whatever portion of our military that is left over will be used as peace corps building homes along with Jimmy Carter in Africa.

Obama & RATs are succeeding in weakening the sole superpower.

Poverty Rocks: My first action in office will be to establish Department of Poverty Enhancement or DOPE. This department will be in charge of maintaining a large portion of population in official poverty levels. As long as this group votes for the democratic party, they will be maintained in poverty level, and they will be provided with free health care, education, transportation, etc... We'll make being poor a desirable thing for the masses.

Obama and the RATS wildly succeeded in making Americans poorer. More people are unemployed. More people are on food stamps. More people are dependent on the government ran by Obama and the democRATs. Have you seen this picture of this guy kneeling next to Obama's car? The RATs would like to have us all on our knees begging them.

Tomorrow is our opportunity to get rid of these RATs and weasels. Don't be fooled by the RATs. Vote them out!