Do you remember the phrase “connecting the dots”?

Do you remember the phrase "connecting the dots"? Liberal democRATs were obsessed with it after 9-11. Our Kenyan-Indonesian-muslim president seems to willfully ignore the evidence in the shooting of American soldiers by a jihadi muslim. One can effectively make the case that the shooting of an American soldier may be a new al-qeada tactic and the shooter was a terrorist not a lone crazy like the other two shooters in other incidents.

Obama’s reactions to recent violent acts

Folks, above paragraph was written not after the Fort Hood islamist terror attack. It was written back in June after another homegrown islamists terrorist, Carlos Bledsoe, killed an American soldier and wounded another.

This is what I had posted also:

Sure, it was just an isolated incident. What is this muslim's full name? "Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad". Guess what "Mujahid" means? It means "one who is waging jihad". No, no, no it is not the peaceful, internal struggle as islam apologists claim. It is the fight against the infidel. That's what jihad is and this "Mujahid" is a foot soldier of islam's war against the people who do not submit to islam. We have jihad being waged right here and our government officials kidding themselves with this BS. How many more Americans need to be killed by "mujahids" before we get serious about this threat folks?

Jihadis are killing our soldiers here in our own country

The propaganda arm of democRAT party, now state controlled media and Obama administration doing everything to make us believe that Fort Hood attack was another isolated incident of violance by a nut case.

Folks, a cursory read of the facts, attacker's background, information about his beliefs and his history proves absolutely beyond doubt that this man was inspired by his radical islamist beliefs to shoot American soldiers. the guy had a business card declaring that he was a "soldier of allah". He was openly anti American. He was'n even shy about what he believes, thinks and hopes to happen to Americans.

It is totally inexplicable that Barack Hussein Obama cannot figure out what Major Jihadi Hassan's motive was. It is totally inexplicable that propaganda arm of the democRAT party, main stream media, are trying to find excuses for a man who killed 14 people and wounded 29 others.

These are the same people who cried that we failed to "connect the dots" to prevent 9/11 attacks. Don't get me wrong, these same people, even after 9/11/2001, blamed us for the attacks and tried to find excuses for the muslim attackers even then but they were incensed that we failed to connect the dots. Folks we had direct lines right in front of our military and FBI about the Fort Hood islamist terrorist.

The dots were already connected.

Why did the Obama administration fail to protect Americans? The number one job of the President of The United States is to Protect and Defend the American people. Having been failed miserably in preventing the biggest terror attack in US soil, Obama administration is now pretending this was not a terror attack. The Obama's homeland security department wants to protect muslims after a muslim slaughtered 14 Americans. Since 1970s 3,308+ killed by Muslims in America in 65 terror attacks. Obama & Napolitano are worried about safety of the muslims. Obama's top commander in the Army is worried about diversity and actually said this: “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” This guy should have been fired on the spot.

I asked this question before: If you are a multiculturalist celebrating diversity and you find out the aim of one culture you celebrate is to destroy you and your culture; what do you do? We know what rational people do: Defend and protect themselves by any means possible. We also are learning that Obama and the people in his administration are either delusional or they are the agents of this other culture that wnats to destroy us. I am sorry but there is no way to explain this ant other way in light of overwhelming evidence we have.