Don’t be Fooled By Obama and democRATs Again

In this week's address, President Barack Obama proposed a fee on major financial firms to recoup - on behalf of American taxpayers - the $700 billion paid out in TARP, saying "we want the taxpayers' money back, and we're going to collect every dime." The President's proposal will only affect the largest financial institutions with the most debt, so it will not only help recover the TARP funds and reduce the deficit, but also crack down on some of the banking practices that led to the financial crisis.

Obama in weekly address: "we want the taxpayers' money back" - Chicago Sun-Times

Folks, don't be fooled by Obama and democRATs again. This is not about getting "our" money back. This is not about Obama getting tough with bankers or Wall Street.

Things to think about:

1) Obama wants "taxpayer's money" back? What for? What is he going to do with it? Give it back to us the taxpayers? Fat chance! He is going to distribute to his liberal democRAT cronies. Another stimulus plan for unions and democRAT districts and people who are dependent on Obama administration.

2) Obama is not getting tough with the banks and Wall Street at all. This is all for show. Obama administration and the BIG banks and BIG business are colluding to rip consumers and small businesses off. Look at his administration. Most of his people are from Wall Street. His Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel made millions in bonuses. Remember Tom Daschle who paid millions for doing nothing? Why do you think that is? They are bought and paid for by BIG banks, Wall Street firms and BIG business. Really folks, what kind of talent just these two guys have and what kind of contribution they made to the bottom line of any company so they deserved so much money? Here is the answer: Their political connections and potential influence in setting the government policy and legislation. Yep, government policy, regulations and legislation that will benefit those BIG banks, Wall Street firms and BIG business.

3) Conservatives should be careful in defending BIG businesses. We are for capitalism, freedom, liberty and democracy. What big businesses figured out in this country is that they can collude with BIG government not only to benefit from huge government contracts but also to eliminate competition from small, innovative businesses. We are not automatically for businesses. We should be against those rent-seeking BIG businesses.

4) I don't know what to say to the leftists. I don't even know what their thought process is. Some will say this is just a tactical maneuver in consolidating power on the way to communism so they will approve it knowing that all BIG businesses and banks eventually be socialized and the fools that are running them now will be dealt with. Some other idealist liberals will be disgusted by what is going on, I hope but when you are dealing with delusional people who still believe in delusional ideologies that are proven to bring death, destruction and misery to millions of people throughout history, there is not much to say.

Folks, Obama and his stupid policies are destroying the economy. If you don't have a job, if you do not have any prospects for getting a job, if small businesses are shuttering their doors in your town, additional fees on these bank will not do anything to help. Actually it will hurt more.

We have only one way to get out of this mess: Vote against all democRATs in the coming elections.

Tell Obama & his democRAT enablers / masters: "We want our country back."