Don’t Miss Out on Obama Memorabilia

Barack Obama inaugural souvenirs are selling at three times the rate of the previous record holder, Bill Clinton , according to vendor Jim Warlick , veteran of eight inaugurals.

What's hottest? "Anything with Obama's image on it," Warlick said. This left about 150 possibilities at Warlick's Political Americana shop in downtown Washington .

"The bobble-heads are really popular," he added helpfully.

Warlick bet big on Obama, opening five locations for Obama gear exclusively. He dreams of lines "backed out the door."

Other vendors are smelling Obama memorabilia money, too.

"We're already running low on merchandise," said Gus Koutsothodoros of P&D Souvenir Factory near Ford's Theater. "Wholesale is so busy they don't have time to deliver!"

Capital awash in Obama bling and bobble-heads - Yahoo! News

There are still plenty of Obama memorabilia you can buy on eBay. I have listings of election memorabilia here at Shop where you can also find Obama memorabilia.

Internet Obamabilia vendors cater to more exotic tastes.

Among food products alone, there's hot sauce, energy drinks, wine, mini chocolate Obama heads and inaugural blends of tea and coffee. There's even Obama's face grilled onto on a piece of toast, a reference to the famous grilled cheese sandwich bearing a Virgin Mary image that sold on eBay for $28,000 in 2004.

For the table, there are glow-in-the-dark Obama wine-stoppers. For Republicans and die-hard Clintonians: pinatas shaped like Obama's head.

Plush dolls, paper dolls and nesting dolls abound. There's Obama on a pseudo-Greek coin, even Obama on a cologne bottle.

Wow! This stuff is getting weird folks...

Obamamania knows no boundaries!

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