Excerpts from Obama’s Church Bulletins

Trinity United Church of Christ has a bulletin. Yes, it is Obama's church for years. Yes, it is Jeremiah Wright's church. Pastor Jeremiah Wright has a Pastor's Page in this bulletin. There is also another section called "To Do Justice" where current issues are discussed.


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Trinity United Church of Christ Bulletins

Here are some excerpts from this bulletin over the years. Please remember that these excerpts are from a church publication and keep an open mind... Also keep in mind that Obama Hussein Barack must have read these bulletins...

Almost every bulletin contains the following "Action Item":

Boycott Wal-Mart & Sam’s Club

July 30, 2006

About City Council of Chicago's passing he Living Wage Ordinance:

While this battle is won, the fight is not over. This is only one signal to corporate America that their greed is not going to last forever. However, please be sure that the greedy will continue to push their policies and practices on the public. So we thank God for this victory, and look forward to the next fight.

September 18, 2005

Thought for this week:
George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.
~ Kanye West

About Katrina:


Nothing changed. It has been the same story since the founding of this country. Racism is interwoven into every thread of life in this country. The failure of the government to send assistance to poor blacks in New
Orleans, as well as the characterization of Blacks as looters while Whites search for food is nothing more than what Dr. Marimba Ani has coined as “Rhetorical Ethic.”


July 24, 2005

About middle-east:


This rhetorical ethic empowers Bush and Blair to claim to denounce terrorism while refusing to look in the mirror and at the Downing Street Memo to see how they have infected the world with a virus of hate and evil. The Downing Street Memo shows how they intentionally fixed facts and “intelligence” (or stupidity, depending on how you view it) in order to make themselves a war, resulting in over hundreds of thousands dead — Americans and Iraqis.

July 17, 2005

About gay marriage issue:


We have been lied to by the president. We have been lied to by the administration. We have been lied to about an illegal war, and we are rapidly approaching the funeral services for 1800 American boys and girls.


Your denomination, the United Church of Christ, has been and continues to be involved in ministry overseas and here in the States that is far more important than the “wedge issues” that the press is making the “agenda” of the Conservative Right Winged Christians or what I call the “Just-Found-Jesus” Club.

September 11, 2005

About Cindy Sheehan and war in Iraq:


There was no noble cause that Cindy’s son died fighting for. Mr. Bush knows that.

Mr. Bush also knows what the real goals of the war in Iraq were. Those goals were laid out in Paul Wolfowitz’s study draft, Pentagon Defense Planning Guide, in 1992. Those goals were also played out in the neoconservative manifest of “The Project For A New American Century: Rebuilding American Defenses” in September 2000.

Long before 9/11/01, the “neocons” in this country proclaimed that the United States should exercise its role as the world’s only superpower by insuring access to the massive Middle East petroleum reserves. To
accomplish that goal, the “neocons” said that the United States would need to invade Iraq and establish permanent military bases there!


Do you want to know why Mr. Bush has no intention of pulling out of Iraq any time soon? It is because the United States is building the largest CIA station in the world in Baghdad. It is also because Halliburton (Mr.
Cheney’s company) is busily constructing 1400 US military bases in Iraq. As stated above, those plans were laid out in 1992 and in 2000 (long before 9/11/01).

There is no noble cause for Cindy Sheehan’s son to have died. There is only greed, there is only a grab for money and for oil and there is only “business as usual” on the agenda.

Are you starting to wonder what kind of church this is?

December 18, 2005

About the Patriot Act:

It is evident that Bush and this administration continue to torture the people through lies and prescriptive policies. By doing so, Bush has widened his tortuous policies to now include the American people. Essentially, this wiretap executive order will pave the way for programs like COINTELPRO to be reinstituted, and seek to thwart any dissenting voices or actions opposing the policies of Bush and his cronies.

July 3, 2005

Or maybe I should title this Pastoral Report: Senators who refused to sign anti-lynching resolution


p.s. Enjoy the holiday that Frederick Douglas poked holes in as the nation still held Africans in chains.

That is how this church celebrates the founding of this great nation...

August 28,2005




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