Fannie Mae and Congressional Black Caucus

Explosive Video, Fannie Mae CEO calling Obama and the Dems the "Family" and "Conscience" of Fannie Mae

Stop this bailout! It is a scam!

democRATs and their allies like ACORN forced banks to offer mortgages to people with low income, people whose only qualification was being a minority or an illegal immigrant. While these banks and financial institutions were getting creative to come up with programs to get these people into homes, activists started crying "predatory lending" and "racism" forcing these banks to change the terms of these mortgages. Now ACORN and democRATs like Hillary Clinton demand that the foreclosures must stop.

Unbelievable isn't it? You work hard, save money for down payment, maintain a stellar credit rating by paying your bills on time and finally qualify to buy a home that is affordable. You would never sign a mortgage agreement with payments over your capacity to pay so you settle for a little smaller house than you wish to have. On the other hand, people who take advantage of schemes offered by ACORN and democRATs are effectively getting a FREE HOUSE if democRATs and ACORN manage to stop foreclosures.

Why work hard? Why be frugal? Why be honest? Just quit your job, collect employment benefits until they run out. Apply for welfare benefits. Find a low-income job and keep welfare benefits including food stamps, free child care, low-income housing and work with ACORN to get a mortgage for a house you cannot afford. Hey, if its value goes up within a few years you can flip it and pocket the money. If not, stop making payments. They can't get you out of there any less than six months or so. ACORN may help you to get your mortgage terms modified so that you can have better terms that a person with excellence credit. Still can't make payments? How about a foreclosure moratorium? Nice! Worse case scenario: You stay in the house 6-9 months not paying a penny and then trash the property and move out.

Oh no! democRAT demagogues will say I blame the crisis on "poor people". No I blame it on liberal democRATs who use poor people to enrich and empower themselves and their cronies. Liberal democRATs have no intention of getting people out of poverty. They rather keep people in poverty. That's why they offer incentives for people to stay poor. They are the most heartless people on the face of earth folks.

We must stop this bailout that will only make democrATs rich while keeping poor people poor.

When Enron scandal broke all these democRATs in congressional black caucus demanded jail terms harsher than murderers get for the executives. How come they are so silent this time?

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