Fiat is committed to get Chrysler for Free

Look at this headline:

Fiat commits to Chrysler deal despite court delay. Fiat says it won't walk away from Chrysler deal despite US Supreme Court delays.

by Colleen Barry, AP Business Writer at Yahoo! Finance

You get the sense that the FIAT is the good guy here, don't you?

Italian automaker Fiat said Tuesday it will not turn its back on a deal to acquire a controlling stake in Chrysler despite a U.S. Supreme Court stay on the sale.

What is it again Fiat offering for Chrysler? No money, nada, nothing, zilch! Fiat is going to get upto 35% of Chrysler initially. It may get a lot more if UAW decides to sell or give away its share. So, how much money Gaddafi's Fiat putting up to buy Chrysler again? A big ZERO! It is so nice for them to not walk away from this deal.

This is exactly what Fiat is offering:

Fiat has offered its small car and environmentally friendly engine technology, as well as management expertise, in exchange for an initial 20 percent stake in Chrysler, which will grow to 35 percent in 5 percent increments.

A purely political decision made by Kenyan-Indonesian-muslim president's administration is to give an American company to Gaddafi owned Italian company, Fiat, for free. Who wants to buy a Fiat 500? If Fiat was that viable in the United States, why doesn't it go about selling cars in the United States as other foreign car manufacturers?

This whole deal stinks folks!