Full VP Debate

Folks, do not believe anything phony journalists and pundit propagandists are telling you about this debate. Watch it yourself.

Sarah Palin kicked Joe Biden's ass. That is exactly what happened. This is a genuine American woman. Bright, funny, down-to-earth, warm, strong, knowledgeable... Exactly the opposite of how phony media has been trying to portray her.

I think this should be a lesson for all of us, so-called ordinary Americans, who are busy working, keeping this country running, while being looked-down upon by the political and elite class. This is how liberals work. How their propaganda machine works. These are the same people who are supposedly for free speech, for helping little people. These are the same people who constantly warn us against the supposed danger of tyranny Bush and neoconservatives pose.

Folks, please pay attention: Liberal democRATs and political and media elitists in this country do believe we, ordinary Americans are stupid ignorants who can be fooled into believing the reality they create. They have no problem destroying a real success story like Sarah Palin just because she does not subscribe to their loony ideology. They pay no attention to the danger signs that is coming from Obama camp: His attempts to intimidate people who speak against him or who put out information exposing him. His gigantic ego that is fit for a tyrant. His supporters' use of children just like third-world country tyrannies.

Do not listen to the talking heads on TV. They all say the same things even though they appear on different channels. Don't you think there is something fishy about it.?

Do not believe the polls put out by phony media. They are designed to affect your thinking not to find out how ordinary Americans think. These polls are being used to further spread the propaganda by taking advantage of the herd mentality rule they think that exists.

Heck! Don't even believe me. Watch the debate yourself. Do your own research. If you come to the same conclusions I arrived, please do not stay silent. Speak out. Get more people to realize what is happening here.

Sarah Palin was the clear winner of the VP debate last night.