Gotta Love That Headline…

Tax issues emerge in Daschle nomination

Yep, that is the headline of the story by phony journalist KEVIN FREKING, Associated Press Writer.

If you don't bother reading the article you might think that "tax issues" are being discussed as part of the nomination.

Don't you think an headline like "Another Tax-Cheat in Obama Administration" or "Tax-and-spend liberal Daschle does not like paying taxes" would have made more sense?

Folks, looks like the only way to get liberal democRats be honest with their taxes is to nominate them to a job in Obama administration.

There are other interesting things here:

"The car service and the consulting income were received in connection with Daschle's business relationship with InterMedia Partners of Englewood, Colo. Daschle is a limited partner and chairman of its executive advisory board. Daschle is also an independent consultant to InterMedia Advisors LLP of New York City.

Hindery founded InterMedia Partners, a private equity firm, in 1988. Daschle was paid $1 million annually for his services, the committee said. Daschle's 2007 tax return did not include one of his monthly payments of $88,333."

"$1 million annually for his services" folks... Plus a car with a driver... Nice! Don't you think the public deserves to find out what those "services" were? It just smells like an influence peddling and lobbying job by an ex-senator of the U.S. to me. This guy is your garden variety liberal democRAT who claims to be on the side of small guy. Just like Obama and all the other liberal democRATS, Daschle fights the special interests in Washington DC folks. What a B.S!

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