Heroes of Obamaland

I first heard the soundbites of whining welfare queens and ignorant dummies who are begging for more benefits from the Supreme One on the Rush Limbaugh show. And then I watched bits and pieces on youtube. It was truly disgusting. I will not even embed any of these videos here. I am ashamed for my country.

Is this what America reduced to? Folks these are the kind of people who Obama wants make heroes and role models. The people who are on welfare, who behave like there is nothing they can do. People who are happy living a life dependent on government authorities, who willingly give up their freedom and liberty for more hand-outs and benefits from government. People who treat Obama like he was a King of an African tribe. People who act like cult members.

What is happening to us folks? An American like Joe The Plumber who wants to rely on his hard work and talent to pursue happiness is ridiculed, investigated and prosecuted by leftist Obama democRATs. A loser like Henrietta Hughes who has been living on public assistance -- on tax payers' money -- since at least 2004 is celebrated. People who want to beg for more benefits, public assistance and more free stuff are being given a platform. It is disgusting. This is not the America I know; these people are not the Americans I love.

"God bless these people. What has this government done to them? What has the media in this country done to these people, depriving them of the very essence of humanity? No sense of self, no pride. This is what Democrats and the left do to people. They rob people of their humanity, of their goodness and their decency. They rob them of confidence. We are going to restore this. We are going to use the power of the government to tell people how good they can be, how important they are, and how much happier they will be if they're not looking to our president for the next kitchen or the car or a job. "

Our Time Will Come, Liberals - Rush Limbaugh