History of Barack Obama’s Radicalism – Sean Hannity Special

Part 1
Missing Parts of his past Obama won't answer.

Part 2
Community Organizer: Practicing leftist radical ideology. Check out Hussein's neighbors!

Part 3
Barry obama's relationship with terrorist Ayers. Don't believe the phony journalists; not just "a guy who lives in his neighborhood."

Part 4
His Pastor for more than 20 years: Jeremiah Wright. Hates whites! Separation of church and state? Not in Obama's church! Leftist, Marxist, anti-American. A pastor who says: "God Damn America!" What kind of Christianity is this? How about father Pfleger? Leftists and Marxists do not believe in God and religion. What are they doing in a Christian church?

Part 5
Barack Hussein Obama's Jew-hating friend: Rashid Khalidi, a PLO terrorist? Arab American Action Network and Hussein Obama... Hamas endorses Obama...

Part 6
ACORN and Obama. Largest radical group in America works to steal elections for liberal democRATs. ACORN is also mostly responsible in causing the current financial crisis.