How did Gibson Interview Obama About his Inexperience?

I saw bits and pieces of phony journalist Gibson's interview with Governor Sarah Palin. He is a joke! He pretends to act like a professor quizzing one of his pupils -- one he is not particularly fond of.

Do you remember how he behaved and what type of questions he asked when he was interviewing Obama -- The One -- about Hilary's charges that Obama is inexperienced?

In Obama Interview ABC's Gibson Imitates Saturday Night Live?

Gibson set up the March 6 World News piece: "This afternoon, I had a chance to speak with Senator Obama and I asked him about the Clinton argument that he lacks the credentials to be Commander in Chief."

Gibson's questions to Obama:

# "You've had a few hours, day and a half, now, to analyze the results on Tuesday. What happened on Tuesday? A lot of people thought there was a chance you could close the deal on Tuesday. Was it her contention that you are too young, too inexperienced to be Commander in Chief?"

# "You made the point on your campaign plane yesterday, you said she went negative in the last few days of that. To fight back, do you have to do the same? In other words, do you have to, in effect, show some toughness in all of this, greater than you have so far?"

# "She said Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign. 'I will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign. Senator Obama will bring a speech that he made in 2002.' Now, she said that before. But it's pretty in-your-face. I wonder your reaction?"

# "Senator, you're kind to take the time, on a day when you legitimately should be able to simply just take long naps. I thank you. All the best to you."

Do I really need to point out the bias, strike that, outright puff job on this one and outright hack job on Governor Palin interview?