How did Michelle Obama Get Her Job?

Grassley Seeks Information About Hospital With Ties to the Obamas

Will the Phony Media Investigate? Why did University of Chicago Hospitals create a job that pays over $100K just for Michelle Obama? Why did the same hospital created another VP position with a mumbo-jumbo title that pays over $300K for Michelle Obama?

Why would a non-profit hospital waste money on a position like that?

Are there any other other hospitals in the country that have in-house community organizer jobs? If so how much do these jobs pay?

Grassley's letter requested that the center describe its policy governing "political activity," including political fundraising. It asked whether the center had a written conflict-of-interest policy and, if so, how it is monitored and enforced. The medical center has numerous ties to Obama's associates, fundraisers and political advisers.

On Aug. 22, The Post published an article detailing those ties and examining the center's programs for the poor and uninsured.

In his letter, Grassley asked the center how it selected and set the salaries for two senior management positions: executive vice president and vice president of community and external relations. The current executive vice president is Eric Whitaker, a close friend of Obama's. The current vice president of community and external relations is Obama's wife, Michelle. She has been on leave from her job, which paid up to $317,000 a year, since January.

Grassley's letter sought details about how the center decided how much free and discounted care it would provide to the poor. He asked for board minutes on the center's South Side Health Collaborative, which was started by Michelle Obama, and its broader Urban Health Initiative, now headed by Whitaker. Both projects seek to connect low-income residents of Chicago's South Side with neighborhood health clinics, so they can receive regular checkups. The effort also is designed to lower the number of people seeking non-urgent care at the center's emergency room.

The letter also asked the center for details on its payments to public relations firms and documentation on how they were selected. In 2006, the center retained ASK Public Strategies to help build support for the Urban Health Initiative. ASK is co-owned by Obama's chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod.