How Government Owned Chrysler Plans on Succeeding…

You have to read the article I linked to the end to gain insight into Obama's plan to make Government owned Chrysler successful after he gave it away to Fiat.

"A lot of us have residual memories of Fiat that are less than stellar," Dilts said. "But I think the product looks good. They've got some great small engine capabilities. With a little bit of pressure on gasoline, I think they're going to give Fiat a look."

(Dilts is Gary Dilts, senior vice president of global automotive operations for J.D. Power and Associates.)

Problems of old Chrysler linger at new Chrysler by Tom Krisher - AP Auto Writer

Here is the quote: "With a little bit of pressure on gasoline, I think they're (American drivers) going to give Fiat a look."

The truth is that American drivers will not buy itsy bitsy Italian cars unless the gas prices force them. This venture of building enviro-marxist prescribed cars is doomed to fail unless government pushes the gas prices up by taxation and other means. This is how government motors works folks. Get ready for a $5.00 plus / gallon gasoline.

This utopian, delusional ideology combined with Obama's tyranny will bring more misery, poverty and death to millions of Americans. Fix It Again Tony!

Government Motors

Government Motors