How Modern Liberals Think – Evan Sayet

Here is another attempt at understanding Liberals and Liberalism. Evan Sayet is funny, articulate and dead on!

It has been a long struggle to understand Liberals. I started blogging here to expose the utter stupidity of Liberals. That's why the tagline of this blog is "Uncommon Common Sense". As Evan says Liberals reject "Common Sense" just because it is common.

Rush Limbaugh uses the term "mind boggling" when he talks about what Liberals say and do. Honestly what Liberals say and do defy logic.

Evan Sayet does a good job trying to make sense of Liberalism only to end up comparing them to five-year olds. Make sure to watch the whole video including the Q & A at the end to hear the statement that " Global Warming is a plot to..."

It is becoming clear to me that attempts to explain away Liberal's looniness by their stupidity, idiocy, lack of common sense or some sort of political vision do not help us get rid of them. Yes, we need to get rid of them. We need to defeat their ideology. What they have been doing to this country, our children, our past and future is no laughing matter. While we are coming up with creative ways to explain who they are and why they do what they do; they keep working relentlessly to destroy our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. So, I'm not one for to give them the benefit of doubt. If they have a utopian worldview that demands destruction of "good" to fight "evil"; it puts them on the side of evil. I am tired of trying to make sense of non-sensical.

These are the same people who tout their "superior intelligence" every chance they get. How can they not see the disastrous results of their actions?

My theory is that the Liberals are not biased, arrogant, dummy, stupid or utopian idealists folks. They know what they are doing. They have an agenda. While we are trying to understand their seemingly "mind boggling", "irrational", "immoral" ways, they keep plugging along. It is time to stop them.