How Obama helped Chrysler screw its franchisees

Please stop the unlawful and immoral termination of Chrysler dealerships across the country.

Chrysler has taken taxpayer-funded bailout money from our government and used it to put at least 40,000 hard working Americans out of work. Many of whom will lose their homes and life savings as a result.

These actions are no fault of the dealers, who are, in many cases, family-run businesses that have been loyal partners with Chrysler – through good times and bad – for multiple generations.

Chrysler wants less competition among dealers in order to drive up prices to the consumers. Yet not only will consumers pay higher prices in the future as a result of this immoral action, the consumer will also be greatly inconvenienced when purchasing and servicing their vehicles

The assault on the middle class must be stopped.

Dealers are Chrysler's customers; they buy the cars and parts and even the signs in front of their dealerships. Chrysler took $5 billion tax dollars from the Government, but refuses to buy back the parts and vehicle inventories from the terminated dealers leaving them holding millions in worthless vehicles and parts.

Make Chrysler buy back these inventories and pay for the terminated franchises of the dealers.

Hiding behind bankruptcy laws in order to destroy lives and void franchise contracts may be legal, but it is immoral and un-American.

Please stop this madness and prevent Chrysler and our Government from putting profits before people.


Thanks to Obama, small business owners that operate in one of the most competitive industries in the United States, who invested their life savings, who built their businesses working hard each and every day are getting shafted by a failed, mismanaged big corporation that is burning tax payer money in the billions of dollars. These dealers are not only losing their franchises but also being stuck by cars and trucks they took from Chrysler to save Chrysler in the first place. Yes folks, many of these guys are sitting on inventory of cars and parts they wouldn't keep if Chrysler had not intimidated them to take.

Chrysler also told dealers it would not buy back inventory, yet the dealerships can’t function as new car retailers after June 9. Bankruptcy has given Chrysler the ability to shift hundreds of millions of dollars in liability to the individuals and families that have been selling Chrysler products for generations.


While both Chrysler and GM may have discussed trimming dealerships even before President Barack Obama was inaugurated, once the administration pushes automakers toward bankruptcy, the buck stops at Obama’s desk.


While we have supported administration’s efforts to save the domestic auto industry, we have had our reservations. Early on we questioned the make up of Obama’s auto task force, which has lots of bean counters but not one member from the auto industry. It also has as many members who don’t own a car as own American-made cars. Most of those who drive, drive imports.

The rush to bankruptcy

I also wrote about Obama's Auto Task Force back in February:

So the un-American administration's task force to save the American auto industry has members who prefer un-American cars. Any surprises there? Folks, these are the self-proclaimed smart people who will decide the future of American auto industry. Forget that... These people are going to make decisions that will profoundly affect how you and I will live in the future.

Here is why GM and Chrysler are screwed…

I probably should revise the headline to "here is why genuine American car dealers and drivers are screwed". Well the fact is that one of the main reasons for the demise of GM and Chrysler is the stupid, delusional government rules, regulations and policies that are pushed by liberal democRATs. What disappoints me the most is the cowardice of the people who run these companies. Not one of them stood up and told the truth. To this day they submit to liberal democRATs' demands knowing full well that their companies are being destroyed. These people are getting paid in millions of dollars with millions in benefits and do not have the courage to speak up.

Folks, just pause a minute and think back... What do you hear the most when liberal democRATs are discussing energy policy, alternative energies, global warming bullshit etc? They always say something like "... equivalent to removing this many millions of cars off the road". Exactly folks. These assholes hate the car and the freedom it provides to ordinary Americans. It is not about saving energy or the global warming bullshit. It is about limiting your freedom to buy what you want, drive what you want, travel to where you want to travel. You see folks, they do not care about high energy costs. They actually want us to have high energy costs. We have professors who are happy walking or biking around their campuses sneering at us when we get into our SUVs and drive our kids to sports activities. The RATs constantly scheme to get us out of our cars. They want to increase gas taxes. Guess what their next plan is when there are more fuel efficient cars on the roads? Tax us by the mile! Why? It has nothing to do with saving energy. Tax = Punishment folks. Your liberal democRAT representative you elected wants to punish you for driving a car, any car.

So my point is that the cowards who ran GM and Chrysler did not have the balls to stand up and speak out against liberal democRAT schemes that helped kill their companies. They had nothing to lose. What did they gain by playing along? More destruction of their companies.

Barack Hussein Obama is killing American Car Business, destroying small businessmen, selling us out to Italians and Chinese.

This is the "Hope and Change" you voted for right?

Here are a few links to dealers who are fighting back:

FitzMall Call To Action

Rogers Dodge of Alvin

UPDATE - May 27, 2009

There is more to this story:

"It became clear to us that Chrysler does not see the wisdom of terminating 25 percent of its dealers," Bellavia said. "It really wasn't Chrysler's decision. They are under enormous pressure from the President's automotive task force."

He added the government task force, which he criticized for having no members with retail experience was, in effect, attacking U.S. entrepreneurs.

Plan to ax dealers not Chrysler's decision -lawyer

So the President's Auto Task force that has no auto experience forces Chrysler to close 25% of its dealerships... Did they also play a role in choosing these dealers? If they did, was politics one of the factors?

Click here for the latest Dealergate post, which shows statistical evidence that Chrysler dealers were shuttered on partisan grounds.

The evidence is out there...

What about the protected - not rejected - dealers?

Bloggers are doing excellent work digging into the Chrysler dealership closure list. Yesterday, I cautioned against making sweeping claims that all the dealerships targeted for closure were partisan victims. On the flip side, bloggers are examining the protected dealerships that were spared by the Obama administration.

A look at the protected Chrysler dealerships


Hope, Change & Marxism: Did Obama Target GOP Donors In Chrysler Dealer Closings? (Video)