How will Obama Get the Information from High Value Terrorist Detainees?

You see folks, there is one crucial point missing in this idiotic "torture" claim Barack Hussein Obama and his administration making:

What is their plan in getting the information from top terrorists we capture?

Let's say the terror chatter is high. Our intelligence is suspecting that there is something big planned. We do not have information about where and when but we are pretty sure al-qaida has something in the works. Let's say we capture who we believe to be a high ranking al-qaida operative who may have information on what's coming.

So we put this guy in a room and he start chanting "allah is great", "we will destroy you infidels", "we will strike in your hearts". What does Obama do? Offer him a cup of tea and agree with him that the "allah is great"? Really folks, what would you want the President of The United States do when there is an imminent threat to kill thousands of American men, women and children? Would it be OK if he authorized to scare the terrorist operative with an insect if he was afraid of insects? Would it be OK to slap the terrorist in the face to humiliate him and make him give out the information to stop the coming attack? Would it be OK to waterboard the terrorist operative so the fear of imminent drowning will make him talk? Come on folks, honestly, how would you feel when you find out that hundreds of American citizens were murdered by terrorists in a shopping mall in your city while the mastermind who had inside information had been watching cable TV and drinking tea in a comfortable room provided by Obama administration?

The same phony media that blocked real torture videos of Saddam Hussein can't wait for the release of detainee photos. Our President Hussein -- what an irony huh! We got rid of a middle eastern tyrant Hussein only to get our own Hussein -- wants to release these photos. How about we release all the photos of the torture chambers in Fallujah, videos of beheadings and photos of mutilated bodies of people who were abducted and killed by al-qaida in Iraq? Let's compare them folks.

What President Hussein has done with this absurd claim is disgusting. There is no common sense explanation other than the fact that he is playing politics with the safety, security and the lives of the American citizens.

Folks, president Hussein claimed credit and victory when navy seals shot three poor muslim somali teenagers dead. Why? Because they were threatening ONE American citizen's life. Yes folks, Obama, by his own admission, gave the order to kill three poor muslim somali teenagers to save one American citizen's life. What if we had captured these three poor muslim somali teenagers and they bragged about a ship their buddies had taken over where hundreds of American hostages were in danger of being killed. Let's say even after we offer these poor muslim somali teenagers tea and biscuit, they refuse to tell us where this ship is. Do you think it would be OK to waterboard them to save hundreds of Americans lives? Keep in mind that waterboarding won't hurt them at all. It won't kill them either. Obama just killed three of them to save one American citizen's life but he won't order waterboarding to save hundred American citizens' lives?