Idiots are in Charge

I don't know folks... We are in such a sad situation that it actually makes me laugh. Look at what is happening with this bailout of GM, Ford and Chrysler.

Here is what liberal democRATs in Congress came up with:

Summary of the Auto Rescue Bill

You know how these liberal democRATs praise each other for being highly intelligent and incredibly smart in every chance they get. These "smart" liberal RATs want to create another government bureaucracy that will oversee American automobile manufacturing. These "smart" liberal RATs had no problem giving almost a trillion dollars to banks and financial institutions like Citibank but they want to nationalize the auto industry for $15 billion.

What the hell is a long-term viability plan they want to see these auto manufacturers produce anyways? Look at the stupid restrictions they put on them: Don't fight the state greenhouse gas emission standards, don't have a compensation plan to attract the talent, dump corporate jets... These corporations do business worldwide and there is a reason they have corporate jets. Forcing them to dump these jets is nothing more than a symbolic idiocy on the part of these "smart" RATs. Why don't we make the congressmen and senators travel the way Benjamin Franklin used to?

Well, I do think the CEOs of these auto companies have no courage. Why are they surrendering their corporations to a government take-over? Where are the Republicans? Where is the Republican leadership?

Folks, while all this Detroit-3 bailout drama was unfolding, do you realize that there already is $25 billion set aside for these companies? This $15 billion is not new money. It is coming out of the $25 billion previously reserved. GM, Ford and Chrysler could not use that $25 billion because it was to be used to build fuel-efficient hybrids and electric cars. Bush administration asked congress to lift these restrictions and let the manufacturers use that money for their immediate need. Guess what? "Smart" RATs would not do it. So you got $25 billion sitting there and democRATs will not use that money to save American Auto industry and make these CEOs hop through bunch of hoops and beg for money. They will not use the money to save the auto industry because that money was to be used in accordance with global-warming wackos' wishes. Do you realize that nothing will make global-warming wackos happier than killing the auto industry? Now the democRATs agree to use $15 billion of $25 billion that is already available and they attach all these rules to make sure auto industry suffers a slow but a sure death. They just want to hand the noose and ask these CEOs to hang themselves. Anyone of these CEOs who agrees to this deal is an idiot. Well, they pretty much proved themselves to be idiots as playing along with the idiot RATs in the congress anyways and I think they deserve to get what is coming their way.

You see folks, back in 2003 here is what I wrote:

Nationalize the automobile industry. Automobile industry is producing gas guzzling, terrorist funding, tree killing, unsafe, unaffordable vehicles. It is exporting American jobs. Government should take over all automobile factories. United Auto Workers should be classified as federal employees. All the auto dealerships around the country should be closed to put an end to their unfair practices. Importation of automobiles should be banned. After an extensive bureaucratic research, government will start producing a gas efficient, practical, and safe car for the citizens. Since there won't be any dealerships, everyone except the rich will pay the same price for each vehicle. Rich will need to pay an extra surcharge so we can provide poor of this country with free cars or free mass transit. Vehicles need to be ordered direct from the factory. Since all the vehicles will be standard issue there won't be any confusion in choosing style, options, or colors. No personal selections will be allowed. Due to strict governmental standards delivery of your vehicle may take a little longer than a year from the date it is ordered. It is a small sacrifice to make. Government will continue to produce a small batch of SUVs, big trucks, fast sport cars for designated government officials, representatives, senators, certain newspaper editors, movie industry, some executives of certain companies. Allocation of these vehicles will be based on national security considerations, campaign contributions...

Ideas for Democratic Presidential Candidates

I was having a little fun and being a little sarcastic. I can't believe it is actually happening now. This is exactly where we are headed. You see, the billions will not save the auto industry as long as it is owned by government, regulated and ruled by bureaucrats and politicians. What do you think is the "smart" RATs' next step when Detroit-3 still fails while producing so-called green hybrids and electric cars no American wants to buy? You guessed it right if you said that the government will restrict competition and force citizens to buy government approved cars. No corporation regardless of its size has that kind of power but your government under total control of the supreme leader Obama and "smart" RATs in congress can actually do that. Hey, I now understand that there are ultra-liberal leftist democRATs who actually fantasize about making what I wrote 5 years ago a reality. And I thought I was being sarcastic...

I am telling you folks: We are screwed big time!!!

Here is the text of this idiotic bill that will turn American Automobile Industry into a government planned, controlled and run bureaucracy that will eventually force us to buy cars we do not want:

Text of auto bailout